Andrew Hubatsek

Andrew has been working in Theatre since 1982. He worked with New York area theatre companies such as The Riverside Shakespeare Company, The Whole Theatre Company, Tony Randall’s National Actor’s Theatre, Arden Party, American Stage Company, Algonquin Theatre Company and Box of Light, among others. He was a full ensemble member of the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble from 2000-2022, acting in, and directing contemporary, original and classical theatre works, as well as serving as the administrative and artistic directorate. He has worked as a Simulated/Standardized Patient for various institutions, helping to develop SIM programs for Geisinger Medical Center and Sarah Lawrence College.

Graduate Courses 2023-2024

MS Human Genetics

Introduction to Fieldwork Practicum


The Medical Genetics Seminar courses introduce students to topics relevant to clinical genetic counseling. Students learn from and interact with experts in their respective fields, gaining an in-depth understanding of fundamental genetic conditions and syndromes as well as current counseling issues and practices. Students will apply their new understanding by utilizing team-based learning activities and case discussions.