Lucas Hollifield

BS, University of Texas at Austin. MS, Sarah Lawrence College. After earning his MS, Lucas was a cancer and general genetic counselor at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, and he is currently a cancer genetic counselor with the High Risk Cancer Genetics Program at NYU Langone Health. In these roles, he has been involved with several research studies and lecture series, and he is a clinical supervisor for genetic counseling students and fellows. SLC, 2022-

Graduate Courses 2023-2024

MS Human Genetics

Fundamentals of Genetic Counseling 1

Graduate Seminar—Fall

Fundamentals of Genetic Counseling 1 introduces students to skills necessary for genetic counseling. The course is structured around key components of a genetic counseling encounter. Readings provide foundational knowledge of relevant concepts and class discussions encourage comparison of different perspectives and applications. Course instructors demonstrate each skill and students then engage in skill development through role-play, peer feedback, and self-assessment.