Wendell Gray II

Undergraduate Discipline


BFA, University of the Arts, Philadelphia. Gray, a Brooklyn-based dance artist, choreographer, and teacher, has performed in the works of artists that include Tere O'Connor, Joanna Kotze, Jordan Demetrius Lloyd, Miles Greenberg, Kevin Beasley, Pavel Zustiak, Maria Bauman, Jonah Bokaer, Christal Brown, J Bouey, and more. As a maker, he has shown his work at Kinosaito Arts Center, Gibney, Center for Performance Research (CPR), Movement Research at Judson Church, La Mama Galleria, and Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance. Gray has also been supported by residencies with Sightlines Dance Festival, STUFFED at Judson Church, Chez Bushwick, Work Up 6.0 at Gibney, and the Black Diaspora Space Grant. He has additionally set work on companies including Michiyaya Dance, Pennsylvania Ballet II, Philadanco II, and Periapsis Music and Dance. SLC, 2023–

Previous Courses


Movement Studio Practice


These classes will emphasize the steady development of movement skills, energy use, strength, and articulation relevant to each teacher's technical and aesthetic orientations. Instructors will change at either the end of each semester or midway through the semester, allowing students to experience present-day dance practice across diverse styles and cultural lineages. At all levels, attention will be given to sharpening each student’s awareness of time and energy and training rhythmically, precisely, and according to sound anatomical principles. Degrees of complexity in movement patterns will vary within the leveled class structure. All students will investigate sensory experience and the various demands of performance.