Staff MemberTitlePhone

Administrative Staff Committee  

Debra FinkelsteinSenior Director of College Events   395-2412
Mara GrossDirector, Community Partnerships   395-2588
Stephanie ColemanAssistant Archivist   395-2480
Elizabeth CommissoPayroll Assistant   395-2555
Cody Homan-GrayAdmissions Technology Coordinator   395-2510
Kristy StaniszewskiCoordinator for Curriculum Services   395-2304
E-mail ASC  

Admission Westlands (1st floor) 


Kevin McKennaDean of Enrollment   395-2510
Annalei AegerterDirector of West Coast Admission   395-2510
Shirley BeDirector of International Student Admission and Advising   395-2510
Cece BelcherSenior Assistant Director of Admission   395-2510
Linda BloomVisitor Coordinator   395-2510
Elizabeth DurhamAssistant Director of Admission   395-2510
Adam ExlineAssociate Director of Admission   395-2510
Jack GaleanoAdmission Processor   395-2510
Jennifer GaylesDirector of Admission   395-2510
Liam GeorgeAssistant Director of Admission   395-2510
Cody Homan-GrayAdmissions Technology Coordinator   395-2510
Sarah JohnsonAdmission Counselor   395-2510
Phoebe KeyesAssistant Director   395-2510
Melissa McCarterAdministrative Assistant   395-2510
Deb McCueDirector of Admissions Operations and Information Systems   395-2510
Annette NelsonAdmission Processor   395-2510
Chelsea SheehanAdmission Counselor   395-2510
Rebecca TemerarioAdmission Counselor   395-2510
Cecilia TierneyOffice Manager   395-2510
Corey WalkerSenior Assistant Director of Admission   395-2510

Advancement 45 Kraft Avenue 


Charles J. RasberryVice President for Advancement   813-9201
Jody AbzugSenior Director of The Fund for Sarah Lawrence   813-9221
Dorothee AhrensDirector of Donor Relations and Advancement Communications   813-9261
Fred BaumgartenDirector of Foundation, Government, and Corporate Relations   813-9271
Elisa BalestraAssociate Director of Major Gifts   813-9242
Heather Byron-CoxAssistant Director for Research   813-9282
Fred FeddeckDirector of Advancement Operations   813-9291
Abigail Feder KaneSenior Director of Major Gifts   813-9241
Dorea FerrisDirector of Gift Planning   813-9251
Rosemarie GherardiAssociate Director of Advancement Operations   813-9293
Isabelle GonzalezAdvancement Operations Coordinator   813-9299
Elizabeth Cornwell HoffmanAssociate Director, The Fund for Sarah Lawrence   813-9225
Judith M. KatzGift Planning Consultant   813-9252
Kin LazzaroSenior Associate Director, The Fund for Sarah Lawrence   813-9244
Katherine LongofonoAdministrative Assistant   813-9269
Dorothy MullaneAdministrative Assistant of Parent Giving   813-9239
Armando QuirozSenior Associate Director of Advancement Operations   813-9292
Ellen ReynoldsAssociate Vice President for Advancement   813-9202
Michelle RimlandAssociate Director of Donor Relations and Advancement Communications   813-9262
Meaghan ShawcrossAdministrative Assistant   813-9203
Julia SchrammAssistant Director of Annual Giving   813-9224
Ryan StrongAdministrative Assistant   813-9259

Alumnae/i Relations 45 Kraft Avenue 


Cheryl CiproDirector   813-9211
Joanna BettelheimAlumni Relations Coordinator   813-9213
Barbara DonnellyAssociate Director   813-9214
Barbara MichaelAdministrative Assistant   813-9219

Archives Main Library 


Abby LesterCollege Archivist and Acting Head of Reference   395-2480
Stephanie ColemanAssistant Archivist   395-2480

Art of Teaching Graduate Program 45 Wrexham 

Mary HebronDirector, The Art of Teaching Program    
Saundra NortonAdministrative Assistant   395-2630

Audio Visual Performing Arts Center 


Brian MuirDirector   395-2378
Steven DeToneTechnician   395-2378

Bookstore Performing Arts Center 


Denise DawkinsManager   395-2429

Campus Operations Andrews House 


Kyle WilkieAssistant Vice President for Campus Operations and Planning   395-2385
Paula BrunsonCampus Operations Coordinator   395-2385
Elizabeth EnglishCampus Operations Coordinator   395-2385
Jennifer MelendezCampus Operations Coordinator   395-2385
Work Orders  

Career Services Bates 2S 


Angela CherubiniDirector   395-2566
Anne Marie DamianiAssociate Director, Career Development   395-2566
Katherine CorsilloAssistant Director, Internship Program Manager   395-2566
Leslie DeWatersCareer/Internship Coordinator and Administrative Assistant   395-2566
Miriam Leia BekkoucheSLCeeds Program Manager   395-2566

Center for Continuing Education and Special Programs 45 Wrexham 


Main Office   395-2205
Sweet OreficeAdministrative Assistant   395-2205

Center for the Urban River  

Ryan PalmerDirector  
Vicky GarufiDirector of Education and Outreach  
Jason MullerOutreach Coordinator  

Child Development Graduate Program  

Barbara SchecterDirector, Graduate Program in Child Development/Psychology   395-2247 

Child Development Institute Boulder (2nd floor) 


Gail Perry-RyderDirector   395-2630
Saundra NortonCoordinator   395-2630

College Events Bates 


Debra FinkelsteinSenior Director of College Events   395-2412
Samantha GordonCollege Events Coordinator   395-2411
Shene OwensEvents Coordinator   395-2411

Community Partnerships Bates (3rd floor) 


Mara GrossDirector, Community Partnerships   395-2588
Jason BeckAssistant Director   395-2573
Shannon NelsonAssistant Director   395-2573

Controller's Office Swinford Annex 


Brent ParkerAssociate Vice President/Controller   395-2556
Norma PammAssistant Controller   395-2552
Accounts Payable/Disbursements   
Charlotte StephensonManager of Accounts Payable   395-2554
Guiliana EganController's Office Assistant   395-2550

Credit Union  

Academic Federal Credit UnionPace University  
Ina FitchManager   (914) 923-3608

Dance Graduate Program Performing Arts Center 


Sara RudnerDirector, Program in Dance   395-2628 
Carmen HartiganAdministrative Assistant   395-2433

Dance/Movement Therapy Graduate Program MacCracken 


Catherine AppelDirector, Dance/Movement Therapy Program   395-2611
Jennifer Lemiech-IervolinoCoordinator of DMT Administrative Services   395-2618
Margot LewisCurriculum Coordinator   395-2618

Dean of Studies Westlands (2nd floor) 


Daniel TrujilloDean of Studies and Student Life   395-2252
Beverly FoxAssociate Dean of Studies   395-2251
Evelyn LeongAssociate Dean of Studies   395-2250
Polly WaldmanAssociate Dean of Studies   395-2235
Shirley BeAssistant Dean of Studies/Director of International Admission and Advising   395-2510
Robin DeLuiseAdministrative Assistant to the Dean   395-2249

Dean of the College Westlands (2nd floor) 


Kanwal SinghDean of the College   395-2303
Cameron AfzalAssociate Dean of the College   395-2214
Prema SamuelAssociate Dean for International Programs   395-2305
Barbara HickeyAssistant Dean for Faculty Support   395-2213
Kristy StaniszewskiCoordinator for Curriculum Services   395-2304
Rosemary WeeksFaculty Support Coordinator   395-2469
Judith McNattExecutive Assistant to the Dean   395-2304

Diversity and Inclusion Office  

Allen J. GreenDean of Equity and Inclusion   395-2527
Julie AusterVice President for Human Resource Services and Legal Affairs   395-2365
Jennifer GaylesDirector of Admission   395-2510
Natalie GrossDirector of Diversity   395-2575
Emanuel LomaxDirector of Graduate Admissions   395-2371
Kanwal SinghDean of the College   395-2303
Polly WaldmanAssociate Dean of Studies   395-2235

Duplicating Services North 


Israel ButlerDirector of Duplicating & Mail Services   395-2318

Early Childhood Center  


Lorayne CarbonDirector, Early Childhood Center   395-2353
Jan DruckerConsultant   395-2353
Shirley DeGenovaAdministrative Assistant   395-2353
Lead Teachers   
Milagros Harper   395-2632
Robbin Hawkins   395-2353
Sarah Mathews   395-2353
Sonna Schupak   395-2632
Susan Schwimmer   395-2353
Debra Riessen   395-2353

Facilities Andrews House 


Maureen GallagherAssistant Vice President for Facilities   395-2385
Anthony RicciFacilities Maintenance Director   395-2385
Work Orders  

Fax Machines  

Admission Westlands (1st floor) 395-2515 
Advancement 45 Kraft Avenue 395-2665 
Archives Main Library 395-2473 
Bookstore Performing Arts Center 337-1788 
Campus Operations Andrews House 395-2670 
Center for Continuing Education and Special Programs 45 Wrexham 395-2694 
Child Development Institute Boulder (2nd floor) 395-2631 
College Events Bates 395-2692 
Community Partnerships Bates (3rd floor) 395-2698 
Controller's Office Swinford Annex 395-2519 
Dean of the College Westlands (2nd floor) 395-2666 
Early Childhood Center  323-6352 
Facilities Andrews House 395-2670 
Faculty Support Office Bates 395-2662 
Financial Aid Westlands (1st floor) 395-2676 
Food Services Bates 337-0195 
Graduate Studies Program Slonim 395-2664 
Health and Wellness Center Lyles 395-2640 
Heimbold Visual Arts Center  395-2679 
Human Resources Andrews Annex 395-2669 
Information Technology Services Library Lower Level 395-2667 
Main Library  395-2473 
Marketing & Communications Robinson 395-2638 
Music Department Marshall Field 395-2507 
Physical Education & Athletics Campbell Sports Center 395-2564 
President's Office Westlands (1st floor) 395-2668 
Registrar's Office Westlands (2nd floor) 395-2320 
Siegel Center Siegel Center 395-2459 
Special Programs 45 Wrexham 395-2608 
Student Affairs Bates 395-2661 
V.P. Finance Swinford Annex 395-2519 

Finance Swinford Annex 


Rita MastroberardinoAssistant Vice President for Finance   395-2389

Financial Aid Westlands (1st floor) 


Roberta DaskinSenior Associate Director   395-2570
Nicholas SalinasDirector of Financial Aid   395-2570
Cecilia GrandaAssistant Director   395-2570

Food Services Bates 


Lydia BeckerDirector of Food Services   395-6498
Lynette BushleyDining Hall Director   395-6543
Shawna Hall-EnochMarketing Specialist   395-2387
Dan TokarekExecutive Chef   395-2387
Toni JonesOffice Manager   395-2387
Kelly LewisCatering Director   395-2387
Jennifer SpraugeRetail Director   395-2278
Bates Dining Fax   395-2428

Graduate Program Directors  

Catherine AppelDirector, Dance/Movement Therapy Program   395-2611
Vicki BreitbartDirector of the Health Advocacy Program   395-2603 
Christine FarrellDirector, Program in Theatre   395-2262 
Susan GerbinoNYU School of Social Work   323-6201
Brian MortonDirector, Program in Writing   395-2619 
Priscilla MuroloDirector, Women's History Program   395-2283
Sara RudnerDirector, Program in Dance   395-2628 
Barbara SchecterDirector, Graduate Program in Child Development/Psychology   395-2247 
Anne GrebDirector, Human Genetics Program   395-2607

Graduate Studies Program Slonim 


Judith BabbittsDean of Graduate and Professional Studies   395-2371
Leslie HuntAssociate Dean of Graduate Studies   395-2371
Emanuel LomaxDirector of Graduate Admissions   395-2371
Patricia DunnDirector of Graduate Support Services   395-2371
Alexandra SoisethAssociate Director Graduate Writing Program   395-2371
Alba CoronelOffice Manager/International Graduate Student Adviser   395-2371
Denise PughGraduate Admissions Coordinator   395-2371

Health Advocacy Graduate Program 45 Wrexham 


Vicki BreitbartDirector of the Health Advocacy Program   395-2603 
Crystal GreeneCoordinator of Administrative Services   395-2602
Gloria Escobar-ChaparroAssistant Director   395-2467

Health and Wellness Center Lyles 


Dina Nunziato, L.C.S.W.Director of Counseling and Psychological Services   395-2350
Mary Hartnett, R.N.Director of Medical Services   395-2350
Molly RiveraOffice Coordinator   395-2350
Cynthia Schaffler, F.N.P.Nurse Practitioner   395-2350
Irene Fields, F.N.P.Nurse Practitioner   395-2350
Margaret Holden, F.N.P.Nurse Practitioner   395-2350
Sheryl Last, R.N.C.Nurse   395-2350
Stephen Gadischkie, L.C.S.W.Therapist   395-2350
Allan Flaggman, M.D.Psychiatrist   395-2350
Anika MulzakPsychologist   395-2350
Ayesha NagraPsychologist   395-2350
Lisa DolgosAdministrative Assistant   395-2350

Heimbold Visual Arts Center  

Janine RyanManager of Visual Arts Services & Gallery   395-2355
Brian EmeryTechnical Director, Filmmaking   395-2586
Amy GartrellTechnician, Printmaking   395-2587
Colin MontgomeryTechnician, Photography  
Kai VierstraTechnician, Sculpture   395-2241

Human Genetics Graduate Program 45 Wrexham 


Anne GrebDirector, Human Genetics Program   395-2607
Claire DavisAssociate Director of Human Genetics   395-2606
Sara GilvaryAssistant Director   395-2605

Human Resources Andrews Annex 


Julie AusterVice President for Human Resource Services and Legal Affairs   395-2365
Carmelina FerritoAssociate Director of Human Resources   395-2364
Elizabeth CommissoPayroll Assistant   395-2555
Luis UriasPayroll Manager   395-2555
Imelda Pleitez-SantanaHR Generalist    395-2315

Information Technology Services Library Lower Level 


Academic Computing and Help Desk   
Jesus AyalaHelp Desk Manager   395-2458
Help Desk  
Administrative Services   
Sean JamesonChief Technology Officer   395-2494
Gregory ConnWeb Services Manager   395-2494
Ulia GavrilkinaDatabase Administrator   395-2494
David SchneiderIT Asset Manager   395-2494
Emily SharpWeb Services Advocate   395-2494
Mary MavrovicDatabase Analyst   395-2494
Network Operations and Technical Services   
Khanh TranAssociate Director of Information Technology   395-2494
Brian LutzAssociate Director of Systems Administration   395-2494

International Programs Swinford 


Prema SamuelAssociate Dean for International Programs   395-2305
Christopher OlsonAssistant Director for International Program Recruitment   395-2305
Cecilia WeismanAdministrative Assistant   395-2305
Language Assistants   
Arai YoshimiJapanese   395-2417
Natalia DizenkoRussian  
Alessandra FischettiItalian   395-2234
Nike MizelleGerman   395-2240
Vasiliki VelliouSpanish   395-2229
Maria SchiavettaItalian   395-2234
Jose Antonio DiazSpanish   395-2229
Chase HuangChinese   395-2264

Main Library  


Bobbie SmolowInterim Library Director  
Janet AlexanderAssociate Library Director   395-2432
Kristina BucherDatabase Manager and Reserves Librarian   395-2431
Stephanie ColemanAssistant Archivist   395-2474
Geoffrey DanisherInterlibrary Loan Librarian   395-2479
Angelica FreitasContinuing Resources and Reserves Librarian   395-2478
Francis KailAdministrative Assistant   395-2472
Abby LesterCollege Archivist and Acting Head of Reference   395-2480
Gina LevitanResearch Services Librarian   395-2225
Kelleen MaluskiResearch Services and Outreach Librarian   395-2225
Pamela OtibuLibrary Assistant   395-2474
Megan ShoveCirculation Assistant   395-2474
Friends of the Library   
Music Library  Marshall Field 
Security Station  Library Lower Level 
Visual Resources  Heimbold Visual Arts Center 
Bianca HookCurator of Visual Resources   395-2509

Marketing & Communications Robinson 


Lyn ChamberlinVice President for Marketing and Communications   395-2218
Joan McCannSenior Director of Marketing and Communications   395-2637
Dania Abu-ShaheenEditor, Sarah Lawrence Magazine   395-2360
Winston Churchill-JoellDirector of Digital Services   395-2215
Timothy GuilianoCoordinator of Digital Content   395-2543
Quyen Dac NguyenGraphic Designer   395-2636
Patricia PasqualeDirector of Digital Content   395-2544
Judith SchwartzsteinDirector of Public Affairs   395-2219
Jean SmithManager of Creative Projects   395-2216
Robert WeberPrint and Direct Mail Manager   395-2635
Lydia WinnAdministrative Assistant to the Vice President   395-2220

Music Department Marshall Field 


Joan RuddCoordinator   395-2407

New York University Silver School of Social Work 45 Wrexham 


Susan GerbinoNYU School of Social Work   323-6201
Robin MillerFaculty Field Advisor   323-6201
Nancy RentelOffice Manager   323-6201

Payroll Department Andrews Annex 


Luis UriasPayroll Manager   395-2555
Elizabeth CommissoPayroll Assistant   395-2555

Physical Education & Athletics Campbell Sports Center 


Kristin MaileDirector of Intercollegiate Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation   395-2560
Paul BlascovichAssistant Director and Sports Information Director   395-2560
Christopher EhmerAssociate Director of Athletics and Men's Basketball Coach   395-2560
Eric MitchellAquatics Director   395-2560
Erin PomykalaAssistant Director of Physical Education   395-2560
Allison CurleySports Center Membership Coordinator/Assistant Swim Coach   395-2560
Frederic JimenezAthletic Trainer   395-2560
Jillian KalvikHead Women’s Volleyball Coach   395-2560
Unity BeddingfieldHead Women’s Soccer Coach   395-2560
Scott MillerHead Soccer Coach   395-2560

Post Office Bates 


E-mail the Post OfficeOpen Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.   395-2420

President's Office Westlands (1st floor) 


Karen LawrencePresident   395-2201
Thomas BlumVice President of Administration   395-2203
Rosemary DahillExecutive Assistant to the President   395-2202
Donna WatsonAssistant to the President   395-2204
Julie AusterVice President for Human Resource Services and Legal Affairs   395-2365

Reception Desk (College Emergency Number) Westlands 


Supervisor/Westlands Desk   395-2209

Registrar's Office Westlands (2nd floor) 


Daniel LichtRegistrar   395-2301
Marion ScimecaAssociate Registrar   395-2301
Maria E. SabatAdministrative Assistant   395-2301

Science Laboratories  

Carolyn AliaLab Assistant, Biology   395-2391
Anthony SchultzLab Assistant, Chemistry and Physics   395-2344

Security & Public Safety Andrews House 


Larry HoffmanAssistant Vice President for Purchasing and Security   395-2384
Matthew BrewsterAssistant Director   395-2384
Westlands Gate   395-2465

Special Programs 45 Wrexham 


Sweet OreficeAdministrative Assistant   395-2205

Student Accounts Andrews Annex 


Student Accounts/Cashier   395-2550
Rhoan CassellsDirector of Student Accounts   395-2553
Elizabeth ValdezAssistant Director of Student Accounts   395-2550
Flor MoqueteStudent Accounting Clerk   395-2550

Student Affairs Bates 


Paige CrandallDean of Student Affairs   395-2575
Natalie GrossDirector of Diversity   395-2575
Joshua LuceDirector of Student Activities   395-2575
Valerie RomanelloAssistant Director of Student Activities    395-2575
Jessica Adduci-LeikhramAdministrative Assistant   395-2575
Wendy EklundAssistant Director of Residence Life   395-2575
Myra McPheeDirector of Residence Life   395-2575

Student Employment Westlands (1st floor) 


Catherine DouglasCoordinator of Student Employment   395-2570

Telephone Service Westlands 


Felicia AllenDaytime Operator   395-2609

Theatre Programs: Undergraduate and Graduate Performing Arts Center 


Christine FarrellDirector, Program in Theatre   395-2262 
Dan HurlinDirector, Graduate Theatre   395-2344 
Robert LyonsCreative Director   395-2626 
Dave McReeAdministrator   395-2438
Peggy McGrathAdministrative Assistant   395-2615
Tom MandelMusical Director   395-2430
Theatre Desk in PAC Lobby   395-2430
Shirley KaplanDirector, Theatre Outreach; Shirley Kaplan Faculty Scholar in Theatre   395-2485 
Allen LangDirector, Theatre Outreach   395-2439 
Robert GouldTechnical Director   395-2377
Greta MinskyAssociate Producer   395-2409 
Erica NewhouseAffiliate Artist    
Ruth MoeProducer   395-2388 
Rebecca SealanderProduction Manager   395-2593 
Costume Shop and Downstage Office   395-2448
Theatre Shop   395-2377

Women's History Graduate Program North 


Priscilla MuroloDirector, Women's History Program   395-2283
Tara Elise JamesAssociate Director, Women’s History Program   395-2405 

Writing Graduate Program  

Brian MortonDirector, Program in Writing   395-2619