Staff MemberTitlePhone

Administrative Staff Committee  

Jessica Adduci-LeikhramAdministrative Assistant   395-2576
Katrina BrownAssistant Director   395-2205
Debra FinkelsteinDirector   395-2412
Mara GrossDirector, Community Partnerships   395-2588
Evelyn LeongAssociate Dean of Studies   395-2250
Shannon NelsonCampus Operations Coordinator   395-2385
E-mail ASC  

Admission Westlands (1st floor) 


Kevin McKennaDean of Enrollment   395-2510
Annalei AegerterDirector of West Coast Admission   395-2510
Shirley BeDirector of International Student Admission and Advising   395-2510
Cece BelcherAssistant Director of Admission   395-2510
Linda BloomVisitor Coordinator   395-2510
Elizabeth DurhamAssistant Director of Admission   395-2510
Adam ExlineAssociate Director of Admission   395-2510
Jack GaleanoAdmission Processor   395-2510
Jennifer GaylesDirector of Admission   395-2510
Liam GeorgeSenior Admission Counselor   395-2510
Cody GrayApplication Administrator   395-2510
Sarah JohnsonAdmission Counselor   395-2510
Phoebe KeyesAdmission Counselor   395-2510
Melissa McCarterAdministrative Assistant   395-2510
Deb McCueDirector of Admissions Operations and Information Systems   395-2510
Annette NelsonAdmission Processor   395-2510
Chelsea SheehanAdmission Counselor   395-2510
Rebecca TemerarioAdmission Counselor   395-2510
Cecilia TierneyOffice Manager   395-2510
Jasmyne-Nicole WalkerAdmission Counselor   395-2510

Advancement Swinford 


Charles J. RasberryVice President for Advancement   813-9201
Jody AbzugSenior Director of The Fund for Sarah Lawrence   813-9221
Dorothee AhrensDirector of Donor Relations and Advancement Communications   813-9261
Nana AshhurstAssociate Director of Major Gifts   813-9243
Fred BaumgartenDirector of Foundation, Government, and Corporate Relations   813-9271
Elisa BalestraAssociate Director of Major Gifts   813-9242
Heather Byron-CoxAssistant Director for Research   813-9282
Indra DavisSenior Associate Director of the Fund for Sarah Lawrence   813-9223
Fred FeddeckDirector of Advancement Operations   813-9291
Dorea FerrisDirector of Gift Planning   813-9251
Rosemarie GherardiAssociate Director of Advancement Operations   813-9293
Isabelle GonzalezAdvancement Operations Coordinator   813-9299
Elizabeth Cornwell HoffmanAssistant Director, The Fund for Sarah Lawrence   813-9225
Jane HollanderDirector of Research and Prospect Management   813-9281
Judith M. KatzGift Planning Consultant   813-9252
Kin LazzaroSenior Associate Director, The Fund for Sarah Lawrence   813-9244
Katherine LongofonoAdministrative Assistant   813-9269
Dorothy MullaneAdministrative Assistant of Parent Giving   813-9239
Armando QuirozSenior Associate Director of Advancement Operations   813-9292
Ellen ReynoldsAssociate Vice President for Advancement   813-9202
Michelle RimlandAssociate Director of Donor Relations and Advancement Communications   813-9262
Marjorie SafronoffAdministrative Assistant   813-9249
Adriana SalvasAdministrative Assistant   813-9229
Meaghan ShawcrossAdministrative Assistant   813-9203
Julia SchrammAssistant Director of Annual Giving   813-9224
Ryan StrongAdministrative Assistant   813-9259

Alumnae/i Relations Robinson 


Cheryl CiproDirector   395-2535
Dania Abu-ShaheenAssociate Director   395-2531
Joanna BettelheimAlumni Relations Coordinator   395-2547
Barbara DonnellyAssociate Director   395-2592
Barbara MichaelAdministrative Assistant   395-2530

Archives Main Library 


Abby LesterCollege Archivist and Acting Head of Reference   395-2480
Stephanie ColemanLibrary Assistant for Research Services   395-2480

Art of Teaching Graduate Program 45 Wrexham 

Sara Wilford   395-2696 
Mary HebronInterim Director, The Art of Teaching Program    
Saundra NortonAdministrative Assistant   395-2630

Audio Visual Performing Arts Center 


Brian MuirDirector   395-2378
Steven DeToneTechnician   395-2378

Bookstore Performing Arts Center 


Denise DawkinsManager   395-2429

Campus Operations Andrews House 


Kyle WilkieAssistant Vice President for Campus Operations and Planning   395-2385
Paula BrunsonCampus Operations Coordinator   395-2385
Shannon NelsonCampus Operations Coordinator   395-2385
Jennifer MelendezCampus Operations Coordinator   395-2385
Work Orders  

Career Services Bates 2S 


Angela CherubiniDirector   395-2566
Anne Marie DamianiAssociate Director, Career Development   395-2566
Katherine CorsilloAssistant Director, Internship Program Manager   395-2566
Leslie DeWatersCareer/Internship Coordinator and Administrative Assistant   395-2566
Miriam Leia BekkoucheSLCeeds Program Manager   395-2566

Center for Continuing Education and Special Programs 45 Wrexham 


Katrina BrownAssistant Director   395-2205
Sweet OreficeAdministrative Assistant   395-2205

Center for the Urban River  

Ryan PalmerDirector  
Vicky GarufiDirector of Education and Outreach  
Jason MullerOutreach Coordinator  
Caitlin ZinsleyEnvironmental Education Associate  

Child Development Graduate Program  

Barbara SchecterDirector, Graduate Program in Child Development/Psychology   395-2247 

Child Development Institute Boulder (2nd floor) 


Indhira BlackwoodDirector   395-2630
Saundra NortonCoordinator   395-2630

College Events Bates 


Debra FinkelsteinDirector   395-2412
Samantha GordonCollege Events Coordinator   395-2411
Shene OwensEvents Coordinator   395-2411

Community Partnerships Bates (3rd floor) 


Mara GrossDirector, Community Partnerships   395-2588
Jason BeckAssistant Director   395-2573

Controller's Office Andrews Annex 


Brent ParkerAssociate Vice President/Controller   395-2550
Norma PammAssistant Controller   395-2552
Accounts Payable/Disbursements   
Charlotte StephensonManager of Accounts Payable   395-2554
Guiliana  EganController's Office Assistant   395-2550

Credit Union  

Academic Federal Credit UnionPace University  
Ina FitchManager   (914) 923-3608

Dance Graduate Program Performing Arts Center 


Sara RudnerDirector, Program in Dance   395-2628 
Carmen HartiganAdministrative Assistant   395-2433

Dance/Movement Therapy Graduate Program MacCracken 


Catherine AppelDirector, Dance/Movement Therapy Program   395-2611
Jennifer Lemiech-IervolinoAdministrative Assistant   395-2618
Margot LewisCurriculum Coordinator   395-2618

Dean of Studies Westlands (2nd floor) 


Allen J. GreenDean of Studies & Chief Diversity Officer   395-2252
Beverly FoxAssociate Dean of Studies   395-2251
Evelyn LeongAssociate Dean of Studies   395-2250
Polly WaldmanAssociate Dean of Studies   395-2235
Shirley BeAssistant Dean of Studies/Director of International Admission and Advising   395-2510
Robin DeLuiseAdministrative Assistant to the Dean   395-2249

Dean of the College Westlands (2nd floor) 


Jerrilynn DoddsDean of the College   395-2303
Kanwal SinghAssociate Dean of the College   395-2214
Barbara HickeyAssistant Dean for Faculty Support   395-2213
Kristy StaniszewskiCoordinator for Curriculum Services   395-2304
Rosemary WeeksFaculty Support Coordinator   395-2469
Judith McNattAdministrative Assistant to the Dean   395-2304

Diversity and Inclusion Office  

Allen J. GreenDean of Studies & Chief Diversity Officer   395-2252
Julie AusterVice President for Human Resource Services and Legal Affairs   395-2365
Jennifer GaylesDirector of Admission   395-2510
Natalie GrossDirector of Diversity   395-2575
Emanuel LomaxDirector of Graduate Admissions   395-2371
Kanwal SinghAssociate Dean of the College   395-2214
Polly WaldmanAssociate Dean of Studies   395-2235

Duplicating Services North 


Israel ButlerDirector of Duplicating & Mail Services   395-2318

Early Childhood Center  


Lorayne CarbonDirector, Early Childhood Center   395-2353
Jan DruckerConsultant   395-2353
Shirley DeGenovaAdministrative Assistant   395-2353
Lead Teachers   
Milagros Harper   395-2632
Robbin Hawkins   395-2353
Sarah Mathews   395-2353
Sonna Schupak   395-2632
Susan Schwimmer   395-2353
Debra Riessen   395-2353

Facilities Andrews House 


Maureen GallagherAssistant Vice President for Facilities   395-2385
Anthony RicciFacilities Maintenance Director   395-2385
Work Orders  

Fax Machines  

Admission Westlands (1st floor) 395-2515 
Advancement Swinford 395-2665 
Alumnae/i Relations Robinson 395-2518 
Archives Main Library 395-2473 
Bookstore Performing Arts Center 337-1788 
Campus Operations Andrews House 395-2670 
Center for Continuing Education and Special Programs 45 Wrexham 395-2694 
Child Development Institute Boulder (2nd floor) 395-2631 
College Events Bates 395-2692 
Community Partnerships Bates (3rd floor) 395-2698 
Controller's Office Andrews Annex 395-2669 
Dean of the College Westlands (2nd floor) 395-2666 
Early Childhood Center  323-6352 
Facilities Andrews House 395-2670 
Faculty Support Office Bates 395-2662 
Financial Aid Westlands (1st floor) 395-2676 
Food Services Bates 337-0195 
Graduate Studies Program Slonim 395-2664 
Health and Wellness Center Lyles 395-2640 
Heimbold Visual Arts Center  395-2679 
Human Resources Andrews Annex 395-2669 
Information Technology Services Library Lower Level 395-2667 
Main Library  395-2473 
Marketing & Communications Robinson 395-2638 
Music Department Marshall Field 395-2507 
Physical Education & Athletics Campbell Sports Center 395-2564 
President's Office Westlands (1st floor) 395-2668 
Registrar's Office Westlands (2nd floor) 395-2320 
Siegel Center Siegel Center 395-2459 
Special Programs 45 Wrexham 395-2608 
Student Affairs Bates 395-2661 
V.P. Finance Andrews Annex 395-2669 

Finance Andrews Annex 


Vincent MassaroVice President for Finance and Operations   395-2314
Rita MastroberardinoAssistant Vice President for Finance   395-2389

Financial Aid Westlands (1st floor) 


Heather C. McDonnellAssociate Dean of Financial Aid and Admission   395-2570
Roberta DaskinSenior Associate Director   395-2570
Nicholas SalinasAssociate Director of Financial Aid   395-2570
Carol SnyderFinancial Aid Advisor   395-2570
Cecilia GrandaTechnical Specialist   395-2570

Food Services Bates 


Lydia BeckerDirector of Food Services   395-6498
Lynette BushleyDining Hall Director   395-6543
Shawna Hall-EnochMarketing Specialist   395-2387
Dan TokarekExecutive Chef   395-2387
Toni JonesOffice Manager   395-2387
Kelly LewisCatering Director   395-2387
Jennifer SpraugeRetail Director   395-2278
BCD Fax   395-2428

Graduate Program Directors  

Catherine AppelDirector, Dance/Movement Therapy Program   395-2611
Vicki BreitbartDirector of the Health Advocacy Program   395-2603 
Christine FarrellDirector, Program in Theatre   395-2262 
Susan GerbinoNYU School of Social Work   323-6201
Ann GrebDirector, Human Genetics Program   395-2371
Rona Holub   395-2400 
Brian MortonDirector, Program in Writing   395-2619 
Priscilla MuroloDirector, Women's History Program   395-2283
Sara RudnerDirector, Program in Dance   395-2628 
Barbara SchecterDirector, Graduate Program in Child Development/Psychology   395-2247 

Graduate Studies Program Slonim 


Judith BabbittsDean of Graduate and Professional Studies   395-2371
Leslie HuntAssociate Dean of Graduate Studies   395-2371
Emanuel LomaxDirector of Graduate Admissions   395-2371
Patricia DunnDirector of Graduate Support Services   395-2371
Alexandra SoisethAssociate Director Graduate Writing Program   395-2371
Alba CoronelOffice Manager/International Graduate Student Adviser   395-2371
Denise PughGraduate Admissions Coordinator   395-2371

Health Advocacy Graduate Program 45 Wrexham 


Vicki BreitbartDirector of the Health Advocacy Program   395-2603 
Crystal GreeneCoordinator of Administrative Services   395-2602
Gloria Escobar-ChaparroFieldwork Coordinator   395-2467

Health and Wellness Center Lyles 


Dina Nunziato, L.C.S.W.Director of Counseling and Psychological Services   395-2350
Mary Hartnett, R.N.Director of Medical Services   395-2350
Molly RiveraOffice Coordinator   395-2350
Cynthia Schaffler, F.N.P.Nurse Practitioner   395-2350
Irene Fields, F.N.P.Nurse Practitioner   395-2350
Margaret Holden, F.N.P.Nurse Practitioner   395-2350
Sheryl Last, R.N.C.Nurse   395-2350
Stephen Gadischkie, L.C.S.W.Therapist   395-2350
Allan Flaggman, M.D.Psychiatrist   395-2350
Anika MulzakPsychologist   395-2350
Ayesha NagraPsychologist   395-2350
Lisa DolgosAdministrative Assistant   395-2350

Heimbold Visual Arts Center  

Janine RyanCoordinator of Visual Arts Center Operations   395-2355
Brian EmeryTechnical Director, Filmmaking   395-2586
Amy GartrellTechnician, Printmaking   395-2587
Colin MontgomeryTechnician, Photography  
Kai VierstraTechnician, Sculpture   395-2241

Human Genetics Graduate Program 45 Wrexham 


Anne GrebDirector   395-2607
James W. SpeerAssociate Director, Human Genetics Program   395-2606 
Christina ClohessyCoordinator of Human Genetics Administrative Services   395-2605

Human Resources Andrews Annex 


Julie AusterVice President for Human Resource Services and Legal Affairs   395-2365
Carmelina FerritoAssistant Director of Human Resources   395-2364
Maria CallananHuman Resource Generalist   395-2315
Elizabeth CommissoPayroll Assistant   395-2555
Luis UriasPayroll Manager   395-2555

Information Technology Services Library Lower Level 


Academic Computing and Help Desk   
Jesus AyalaHelp Desk Manager   395-2458
Help Desk  
Administrative Services   
Sean JamesonChief Technology Officer   395-2494
Gregory ConnWeb Services Manager   395-2494
Ulia GavrilkinaDatabase Administrator   395-2494
David SchneiderIT Asset Manager   395-2494
Emily SharpWeb Services Advocate   395-2494
Mary MavrovicDatabase Analyst   395-2494
Network Operations and Technical Services   
Khanh TranAssociate Director of Information Technology   395-2494
Brian LutzAssociate Director of Systems Administration   395-2494
Suchita ManandharProgrammer/Analyst   395-2494
Stephen BrooksTechnician   395-2494

International Programs Westlands (2nd floor) 


Prema SamuelAssociate Dean for International Programs   395-2305
Cecilia WeismanAdministrative Assistant   395-2305
Christopher OlsonAssistant Director for International Program Recruitment   395-2305
International Programs Questions   (800) 873-4752
Language Assistants   
Arai YoshimiJapanese   395-2417
Natalia DizenkoRussian  
Alessandra FischettiItalian   395-2234
Nike MizelleGerman   395-2240
Vasiliki VelliouSpanish   395-2229
Maria SchiavettaItalian   395-2234
Jose Antonio DiazSpanish   395-2229
Chase HuangChinese   395-2264

Main Library  


Bobbie SmolowInterim Library Director  
Janet AlexanderAssociate Library Director   395-2432
Kristina BucherDatabase Manager and Reserves Librarian   395-2431
Geoffrey DanisherInterlibrary Loan Librarian   395-2479
Angelica FreitasCotinuing Resources and Reserves Librarian   395-2477
Abby LesterCollege Archivist and Acting Head of Reference   395-2480
Gina LevitanReference Librarian   395-2225
Charlotte PriceMusic & Performing Arts Librarian   395-2375
Carl ReglarReference Librarian   395-2225
Megan ShoveCirculation Assistant   395-2474
Visual Resources  Heimbold Visual Arts Center 
Bianca HookCurator of Visual Resources   395-2509
Music Library  Marshall Field 
Charlotte PriceMusic & Performing Arts Librarian   395-2375
Friends of the Library   
Susan GleasonAdministrative Assistant   395-2472
Security Station  Library Lower Level 
Pamela OtibuLibrary Assistant   395-2474
Stephanie ColemanResearch Associate   395-2474

Marketing & Communications Robinson 


Lyn ChamberlinVice President for Marketing and Communications   395-2218
Joan McCannSenior Director of Marketing and Communications   395-2637
Winston Churchill-JoellDirector of Interactive Media   395-2215
Timothy GuilianoAdministrative/Public Relations Assistant   395-2220
Quyen Dac NguyenGraphic Designer   395-2636
Patricia PasqualeManager of Online Content, Social Media, and Special Projects   395-2220
Judith SchwartzsteinDirector of Public Affairs   395-2219
Jean SmithDirector of Creative Projects   395-2216
Robert WeberPrint and Direct Mail Manager   395-2635

Music Department Marshall Field 


Joan RuddAdministrative Assistant   395-2407

New York University Silver School of Social Work 45 Wrexham 


Susan GerbinoNYU School of Social Work   323-6201
Robin MillerFaculty Field Advisor   323-6201
Nancy RentelOffice Manager   323-6201

Payroll Department Andrews Annex 


Luis UriasPayroll Manager   395-2555
Elizabeth CommissoPayroll Assistant   395-2555

Physical Education & Athletics Campbell Sports Center 


Kristin MaileDirector of Intercollegiate Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation   395-2560
Paul BlascovichSports Information Director and Compliance Coordinator   395-2560
Christopher  EhmerAssistant Director of Athletics   395-2560
Eric MitchellAquatics Director   395-2560
Erin PomykalaAssistant Director of Physical Education   395-2560
Allison CurleySports Center Membership Coordinator/Assistant Swim Coach   395-2560
Frederic JimenezAthletic Trainer   395-2560
Jillian KalvikHead Women’s Volleyball Coach   395-2560
Unity BeddingfieldHead Women’s Soccer Coach   395-2560
Scott MillerHead Soccer Coach   395-2560

Post Office Bates 


E-mail the Post OfficeOpen Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.   395-2420

President's Office Westlands (1st floor) 


Karen LawrencePresident   395-2201
Thomas BlumVice President of Administration   395-2203
Rosemary DahillExecutive Assistant to the President   395-2202
Donna WatsonAssistant to the President   395-2204
Julie AusterVice President for Human Resource Services and Legal Affairs   395-2365

Reception Desk (College Emergency Number) Westlands 


Supervisor/Westlands Desk   395-2209

Registrar's Office Westlands (2nd floor) 


Daniel LichtRegistrar   395-2301
Marion ScimecaAssociate Registrar   395-2301
Maria E. SabatAdministrative Assistant   395-2301

Science Laboratories  

Carolyn AliaLab Assistant, Biology   395-2391
Anthony SchultzLab Assistant, Chemistry and Physics   395-2344

Security & Public Safety Andrews House 


Larry HoffmanAssistant Vice President for Purchasing and Security   395-2384
Matthew BrewsterAssistant Director   395-2384
Westlands Gate   395-2465

Special Programs 45 Wrexham 


Katrina BrownAssistant Director   395-2205
Sweet OreficeAdministrative Assistant   395-2205

Student Accounts Andrews Annex 


Student Accounts/Cashier   395-2550
Rhoan CassellsDirector of Student Accounts   395-2553
Elizabeth ValdezAssistant Director of Student Accounts   395-2550
Flor MoqueteStudent Accounting Clerk   395-2550

Student Affairs Bates 


Paige CrandallDean of Student Affairs   395-2575
Natalie GrossDirector of Diversity   395-2575
Joshua LuceDirector of Student Activities   395-2575
Valerie RomanelloAssistant Director of Student Activities    395-2575
Jessica Adduci-LeikhramAdministrative Assistant   395-2576
Wendy EklundAssistant Director of Residence Life   395-2575

Student Employment Westlands (1st floor) 


Nicholas SalinasCoordinator of Student Employment   395-2572

Telephone Service Westlands 


Felicia AllenDaytime Operator   395-2609

Theatre Programs: Undergraduate and Graduate Performing Arts Center 


Christine FarrellDirector, Program in Theatre   395-2262 
Dan HurlinDirector, Graduate Theatre   395-2344 
Robert LyonsCreative Director   395-2626 
Dave McReeAdministrator   395-2438
Peggy McGrathAdministrative Assistant   395-2615
Tom MandelMusical Director   395-2430
Theatre Desk in PAC Lobby   395-2430
Shirley KaplanDirector, Theatre Outreach; Shirley Kaplan Faculty Scholar in Theatre   395-2485 
Allen LangDirector, Theatre Outreach   395-2439 
Robert GouldTechnical Director   395-2377
Greta MinskyAssociate Producer   395-2409 
Erica NewhouseAffiliate Artist    
Ruth MoeProducer   395-2388 
Rebecca SealanderProduction Manager   395-2593 
Costume Shop and Downstage Office   395-2448
Theatre Shop   395-2377

Women's History Graduate Program North 


Priscilla MuroloDirector, Women's History Program   395-2283
Tara Elise JamesAssociate Director, Women’s History Program   395-2405 

Writing Graduate Program  

Brian MortonDirector, Program in Writing   395-2619 
Alexandra SoisethAssociate Director, MFA Writing Program   395-2371