Study Abroad in Havana, Cuba

Sarah Lawrence College in Cuba

Cuba’s influence on culture and politics has intrigued the world for many years. Yet, until very recently, this island nation had been off-limits to most Americans for two generations. The Sarah Lawrence in Havana program has, since its beginning, aimed to expose American students to a culturally and politically unique society about which much has been written, but little is widely known.

From the program’s beginning, its mission has been to expose students at American universities to a culturally and politically unique society about which much has been written, but of which far less is widely known. As the longest continuously running study abroad program in Havana, it offers a small and intimate classroom experience as well as a full Spanish language immersion. These experiences promise a sense of authenticity influenced by Sarah Lawrence traditions and ideals.

The wealth of an education can be calculated by measuring the diversity of its parts. So the value of this Sarah Lawrence program can be found in the wide, creative range of the classes, seminars, fieldwork and site visits offered to its students. Enrollment is kept small intentionally so that faculty can devote individual attention to each student.

As one of a select group of students, you will be immersed in Cuban culture and customs learning firsthand how and why the country has shaped—and reshaped—not only the regional, but the international landscape. You will have the unique opportunity to study the Spanish language and you will deepen your understanding and appreciation of a society very different from our own. Each student in the Sarah Lawrence College in Havana program takes four courses for credit. Coursework includes Spanish at an advanced level, one core seminar on Cuban society and development, and electives in the humanities, social sciences, and the arts.