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The Early Childhood Center

Founded in 1937, the Early Childhood Center at Sarah Lawrence College was among the first college laboratory schools in the United States. It serves as a community school for children ages 2 to 6, drawing families from 15 local school districts. It provides an environment for students and faculty from Sarah Lawrence and other institutions to engage in fieldwork and student teaching.

The Child Development Institute

The Child Development Institute (CDI), founded in 1987, provides a forum for students, faculty, and parents to examine child development issues. Its recent public television films, When a Child PretendsFrom Pictures to WordsWhen Values Go to School, and When Learning Comes Naturally have received national attention. It publishes occasional papers on topics of child development and education, and offers activities, distinguished lectures and conferences, and outreach programs. Some CDI programs offer in-service credit for teacher participants. Past lectures and conferences have explored the impacts of poverty, multiculturalism, social policy, and changing family structures on children and the educational process.