From Pictures to Words

From Pictures to Words: Understanding the Foundations of Literacy Learning explores children’s entrance to the world of literacy. Children from preschool through second grade are seen working with their teachers, parents, and each other as they engage in activities ranging from drawing pictures to dictating stories, from early attempts at spelling to writing stories, reading, and experimenting with language. From Pictures to Words represents the view that encouraging young children to make pictures, to invent their own graphic representations, sets the literacy process in motion.

Some questions explored through the film include:

  • What kinds of activities encourage the emergence of literacy in young children?
  • What is the relationship between children’s explorations in drawing and learning to read and write?
  • What kinds of diverse approaches are effective in leading children to become fluent readers and writers?
  • Are there connections between play and early literacy?
  • What are the roles of educators, parents, and others in facilitating literacy?