Francesca Carter '15

Francesca CarterHow did Sarah Lawrence prepare you for your career?
One of the biggest ways Sarah Lawrence helped me was through conference projects. Conference projects not only pushed me to be a better writer and researcher but also forced me to learn how to manage my time, be more organized, and how to be an independent researcher. It also exposed me to classes that I probably would never have taken anywhere else, such as Marek Fuchs' "Wrongfully Accused" journalism class or my favorite class of all, the yearlong journalism class I took with Marek inside of a maximum-security prison. These classes made me even more curious about the world and pushed me into wanting to pursue journalism.

What internships or other activates did you participate in while at Sarah Lawrence?
I participated in the Yonkers "abroad" program in my senior year. I also interned for Planned Parenthood and worked for a blind defense attorney while at SLC.

Why did you go to graduate school and why did you attend the school you did?
I wanted to pursue my education and combine my love of journalism and filmmaking. So, I choose to go to Columbia University, where I could obtain a master's in journalism concentrating in documentary filmmaking.

What brought you to what you are doing today?
That is a hard question. I am currently living in London and work as a video production manager and my first documentary, A Different Script, is currently in the film festival circuit. I think Sarah Lawrence had a huge impact on where I am today. SLC nurtured my curiosity about the world and helped me grow into the person I am today. I think a lot of the research I chose to do for my conference work, whether in journalism, film, or psychology, helped me realize what I wanted to do with my life, which led me to Columbia and then to London.

Do you have advice for current Sarah Lawrence students pursuing journalism?
I would say that if you want to pursue journalism take as many journalism classes as you can while at SLC, do extracurricular activates related to journalism, and join the newspaper.