Allen Lang


Standing still at the cliff's edge
Looking down
Green trees from the old French paintings
Lollipop colored landscapes
like mountains of
birthday cake

I want to feel something,
feel something
I want to feel something. I can't
Never tried to be someone I ain't

Fiery mountain tops, red like
Superman's cape
Color-coded cartoons with secret
I don't know who I am David
Show me who I am

Make me feel something, feel something
Never tried to do something I can't
Never tried to be someone I ain't
Make me feel something,
make me feel right

David Hockney
"A Bigger Grand Canyon" 1998
Oil on 60 Canvases
81 1/2 x 293" overall
copy ..... David Hockney
Photo Credit: Richard Schmidt
Collection National Gallery of Australia, Canberra