Spring 2021 Exhibition

Like everyone everywhere, the pandemic has forced Sarah Lawrence students indoors, inviting the brave, the curious to mine their landscapes. Students awakened resources while discovering expressive forms of art-making on Zoom and other media in the making and doing, the working with materials. These resourceful inventors have created poetry, video, drawings, photography - befitting all their imaginings - these Sarah Lawrence student responses to the Hudson River Museum's Landscape Art & Virtual Travel exhibition. Inspired by exhibition artists Cynthia Daignault, David Hockney, Horace Pippin, Ana Mendieta, and others, the existential pandemic's solitariness reaches and enters the poetic space- journey within and tell us, show us what is there.

Exhibitors: Emily Aviles, Taylor Brothers, Michelle Cowles, Alesha Cid-Vega, Allen Lang, Tyler Lynch, Saffron Quinn, and Dara Schweitzer

Taylor Brothers

Michelle Cowles

Do not vow on the gods.
Vow on something that actually affects you.
Vow on your favorite color, and if ...

Alesha Cid-Vega

Dara Schweitzer