Student Government

Student Senate

Sarah Lawrence College has two student governance organizations: The Undergraduate Student Senate is the governing organization of the student body; the Graduate Student Association (GSA) is the representative committee of the graduate student body.

Undergraduate Student Senate

Members of the Undergraduate Student Senate are chosen by an election, held every fall. Senator positions include:

  • Senate chair
  • Treasurer
  • Four class presidents
  • Two student representatives on each College committee (except the Advisory Committee)
  • The chair of the Students for Students Scholarship Fund Subcommittee (SSSF) and two SSSF senators
  • Two members of the Student Activities Subcommittee
  • New Student-at-Large
  • Transfer Student-at-Large
  • Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) Representative
  • Parliamentarian

Undergraduate Student Senate Subcommittees

Student Activities Subcommittee (SAS)

The Student Activities Subcommittee allocates the majority of the funds raised from the Student Activity Fee. Members meet weekly to review and approve proposals for student-sponsored campus events. The subcommittee includes two SAS senators, the senate treasurer, and the president of each class. A member of the Student Involvement and Leadership staff attends meetings and acts as an advisor.

Students for Students Scholarship Fund (SSSF)

SSSF is a joint committee of the Student Senate and the Committee on Student Life. This subcommittee organizes several events and activities each year to raise money for the scholarship fund, including its marquee event, the SSSF Auction. The SSSF chair oversees this subcommittee, with class presidents and two SSSF senators serving as members. A member of the Student Involvement and Leadership staff serves in an advisory capacity. The subcommittee welcomes any ideas for fundraising activities.

The Graduate Student Association (GSA)

GSA is a graduate student run organization led by a panel of elected coordinators who collaborate with administrators, faculty, and graduate students from all different programs. Panel Coordinators and members create educational, professional, and social events for graduate students on and off campus to support and strengthen our community. In addition, GSA offers financial assistance to graduate students in the form of grants which seek to reimburse students for costs associated with thesis work and professional development.

As representatives of the graduate student body, coordinators and members sit on the following SLC Committees: Board of Trustees, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, General, Graduate and Professional Studies, and Student Life.