Health Insurance




Sarah Lawrence College requires all students to carry adequate medical insurance to help cover the extra expenses of medical treatment that are not covered by the Sarah Lawrence College Health & Wellness Center. The Student Health Insurance Plan, offered through Wellfleet Group and underwritten by Wellfleet New York Insurance Company, provides coverage to students for a 12 month period, August 15 through August 14. The plan includes a local and national network of Preferred Providers and is designed to be an affordable option.

Students who determine that they have existing comparable coverage will need to complete and submit the online Waiver form by the stated deadline. It is the student’s responsibility to carefully compare his/her current insurance plan with that offered by Sarah Lawrence to ensure that the coverage is truly comparable for medical, mental health, and prescription drug coverage. By signing the waiver, you are attesting to the fact that you are familiar with both plans and will be responsible to provide for your medical and/or mental health needs should your own insurance prove insufficient. If you do not have comparable health insurance, or do not submit the online waiver form by the deadline, you will be required to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan and will automatically be enrolled.

If you have any questions regarding the Student Health Insurance Plan, please consult these Frequently Asked Questions, or contact Consolidated Health Plans at 800.633.7867.