Snow Emergency Procedures
for Students, Faculty & Staff

During the semester, the College will try to remain open and to operate as normally as possible, avoiding disruptions to the academic program. There may be occasions when we must delay opening the College or even close the College for an entire day. A delayed opening designates 11 a.m. as the opening hour, in time for the second set of classes. All classes between 9 and 11 a.m. will be canceled. In the event that the College closes for the entire day, all classes will be canceled.

Where to Get Closing or Delayed Opening Information

Students, faculty, and staff will be contacted through the College’s Rave Mobile Safety emergency notification system as soon as a decision is made. If you do not currently receive Rave alerts, you may learn more and sign up online. All faculty, staff, and students are strongly encouraged to sign up for these notifications. For questions about Rave, please contact Matt Brewster, Assistant Campus Safety Director, at       

Once a weather-related decision has been made, information will be available on the College's website. However, the most timely information about delayed openings or closings will always be disseminated through Rave, which is why it is vital that all community members register with this alert system.

Parking Procedures

Faculty & Staff

It is important that all faculty/staff lots remain empty overnight during the winter so snow can be cleared in the event of a storm. Faculty and staff who need to leave their cars overnight during the winter must leave them in Kober Parking Lot.

In the event of a delayed opening, faculty and staff should not park in Marshall Field, North, Mead Way, Lynd, or Andrews parking lots or any driveways before 10:30 a.m. so that Facilities has an opportunity to clear snow from parking lots and driveways.


In the event of a snowfall, it is essential that all students (regardless of time of day and day of the week) park their vehicles in Kober lot. All parking lots other than Kober must be empty so snow can be cleared. Students who leave cars in any lot other than Kober during a snowfall will be given a $100 snow ticket by Security. Additionally, cars may be towed, in which case the owner of the vehicle will be responsible for towing and storing fees. 

Security may block off one section on the upper level of Kober, which is considered the day student parking area, so commuter students and participants of the early morning Sport Center programs have a place to park when they arrive on campus.

Hill House residents who have Hill parking permits are asked to park in Kober Lot so the grounds crew can clear the Hill rear lot properly. If you MUST park in Hill, due to a lack of spaces in Kober, you must park on the left side of the lot (adjacent to Kober Lot); you are not allowed to park in the middle aisle or in the spaces that are against the Hill garage wall.

What to Do if You Can’t Make it to Class or Work

If a member of the undergraduate faculty is unable to meet a class, even after a delayed opening, they should contact Meybol Escoto, Faculty Support Coordinator, at or (914) 323-6074 and, if at all possible, notify their students via e-mail.

If a graduate faculty member is unable to meet a class, they should notify Graduate Studies at (914) 395-2371 and e-mail Alba Coronel at If at all possible, faculty should notify their students via e-mail as well.
If a Writing Institute instructor is unable to meet a class, they should call or e-mail Sweet Orefice at (914) 323-6170 or and Pat Dunn at Instructors should also notify their students via e-mail.

If a staff member is unable to make it to work due to weather, they should notify their supervisor.