Friends of Sarah Lawrence College Mini-Course: Bach, Beethoven, and The Beatles

Marshall Field Room 1

Open to the public

/ Wednesday


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Bach, Beethoven, and The Beatles
Martin Goldray, D.M.A.
The Marjorie Leff Miller Faculty Scholar in Music

These three Bs all celebrate anniversaries—or near-anniversaries—this year: Beethoven was born 250 years ago, Bach died 270 years ago, and the Beatles broke up 50 years ago. This three-day course (January 15, 16, 17) will celebrate the music of all three and look for the commonalities among them: Bach voraciously studied the music of earlier eras as well as the music of his contemporaries, and combined his knowledge of the French and Italian styles with his own Germanic feeling for counterpoint and complex harmony. Beethoven also studied his precursors and contemporaries but continually broke new ground, forging new compositional techniques with almost every piece. The Beatles did both: they absorbed and synthesized the music they heard at the start of their career and in the course of their seven years as a recording band continued to break new ground with every album.

A complimentary lunch will be served prior to this course at noon.

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