Friends of Sarah Lawrence College Present: Game Theory with Mathematics Faculty Member Daniel King

Wrexham Living Room

Open to the public

/ Tuesday


Daniel King (BS, Lafayette College. MS, PhD, University of Virginia) is a mathematics scholar with special interests in mathematics education, game theory, history and philosophy of mathematics, and the outreach of mathematics to the social sciences and the humanities. He currently teaches an undergraduate course, Game Theory: The Study of Strategy and Conflict.

In this talk, King will focus on two particularly intriguing "games:" Newcomb’s Problem and the Prisoners’ Dilemma. The analysis of both games leads us to a curious paradox of sorts. Fascinating and perplexing, these games and the paradoxes they unleash serve to challenge some of our most cherished beliefs and philosophical viewpoints. No prior knowledge of game theory (or advanced-level mathematics) is required in order to enjoy and fully engage with the ideas we explore in this talk.

This event is sponsored by Friends of Sarah Lawrence College and is open to the public.

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