Low-Residency Student Handbook

The Sarah Lawrence College Graduate and Professional Studies Low-Residency and Online Student Handbook (PDF, revised January 8, 2018) is your guide to Sarah Lawrence College and its physical and digital campuses. Please read it through at least once. You are especially advised to read carefully the sections outlining academic policies and procedures, as you are responsible for following the College regulations printed there. When you need information, always check this handbook first.

This handbook has been prepared for graduate students in low-residency and online programs, faculty, and staff of Sarah Lawrence College, and others wishing to know about College policies, procedures, programs, and activities. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained herein is accurate as of the date of publication (January 8, 2018). Sarah Lawrence College reserves the right to correct errors and to make changes in policies, procedures, programs, and/or activities without prior notice. Changes and amendments made after publication will be posted on this site.

Complaint Process for Online Students

Sarah Lawrence College Graduate and Professional Programs strive to provide students with positive educational experiences and helpful services. Even so, it is understandable that complaints may arise from time to time. To address and resolve concerns as quickly as possible, please refer to the Complaint Process for Students in Online Programs.