Chloe Politis MA '15
Throggs Neck, NY

What prompted you to pursue a graduate degree?

I decided to pursue a graduate degree right after graduating college. I knew that I wanted to begin focusing on my career immediately, but that would not have been able to happen without working towards a master's degree and becoming specialized in a field that I was passionate about. During my undergraduate career, I was an English major and wanted to specialize in communications for my graduate career, but surprisingly I had spent more time volunteering in community health outreach. Torn between the two, I applied to both communications graduate programs and the Health Advocacy program. The instant I was accepted into Sarah Lawrence, there was no way I could give up the opportunity.

How did graduate school fit into your life at the time?

I attended Sarah Lawrence immediately after college. I did not live far from Sarah Lawrence—only 25 minutes by car. Prospective students can successfully fit the program into their life by having a lot of discipline and realizing that most of your time will be spent on school work. Everyone in my cohort came from different walks of life, so it was interesting to see how my classmates balanced their life at home (whether they had a family or not, or a job) and being in the Health Advocacy program.

Why did you choose Sarah Lawrence College for your graduate studies?

I chose Sarah Lawrence for my graduate studies because I knew whole-heartedly that I would receive the best education a school could offer. Also, Sarah Lawrence College has a great reputation.

What role did the Sarah Lawrence faculty play in your time here?

The Sarah Lawrence faculty is committed to helping their students reach their full potential, and most importantly they are passionate about teaching. They know how to work according to each student’s needs.

What experience as a Health Advocacy student had the greatest impact on you?

Every day at Sarah Lawrence was a memorable experience. Our student discussions most certainly had the biggest impact. My classmates and I learned from each other.

What is life like as a Sarah Lawrence graduate student?

At times, being a graduate student in the Health Advocacy program became stressful, but it was nothing that I could not handle. Certain courses had a heavier workload than others. My fieldwork experience influenced me so much that one of my internships turned into a full-time position post-graduation.

What impact did the proximity of New York City have on your experience?

Being a native New Yorker I have been used to the NYC life socially and while in school!

What advice can you offer to prospective graduate students?

BE DEDICATED! It goes by really fast. You blink and the two years end. Prospective students also need to have a little patience when it comes to finding fieldwork. It’s not the easiest process, but when you get through it, it was worth the effort!

What is the strongest attribute of Sarah Lawrence's Health Advocacy program?

Its dedication to transforming its students into health care experts and advocates.

What are you up to now?

The Health Advocacy program has been most influential on my professional career. One of my fieldwork opportunities turned into a full-time position. After a few months, I received a promotion. I am now the Digital Communications Manager at the Mount Sinai Health System.