Tuition & Costs for Graduate Programs


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A student's cost of attendance includes direct costs (payable to the college) and indirect costs (not payable to the college). The following charts detail direct costs by graduate program. Additionally, we provide estimated indirect costs that graduate students can expect each year of enrollment at the College.

Tuition by Program

Per Credit Rate
Tuition Year 1
Tuition Year 2
Art of Teaching $1,298 $32,450 $22,066
Art of Teaching, Dual $1,298 $33,748 $28,556
Child Development $1,142 $27,408 $27,408
Child Development, Dual $1,522 $44,138 $0
Dance $1,136 $27,264 $27,264
Dance/Movement Therapy $914 $30,162 $24,678
Health Advocacy* $1,110 $26,640 $26,640
Health Advocacy Low Residency** $1,480 $32,560 $20,720
Human Genetics $1,443 $36,075 $21,645
Theatre $1,136 $27,264 $27,264
Women's History* $1,136 $27,264 $27,264
Writing $1,516 $27,288 $27,288

* Students in the Health Advocacy/MSW dual degree program, the Women’s History/Law program, or the Accelerated Program in Women’s History are advised to call the Office of Graduate Studies for additional details at 914.395.2371.

** For Health Advocacy Low Residency, the exact charges per year will vary depending on the student's start date.

Fees for All Programs

The following fees apply to all graduate programs during each year of enrollment.

General Fees


Health Services Fee


Health Insurance
Required unless student can provide evidence of
alternative coverage. Learn more


Please note:

  • Students finishing their final year of a program are charged a graduation fee of $200.
  • Students on leave from the College who wish to maintain their matriculation status are charged a fee. For students on voluntary leave the fee is $300 per semester.

Program-Specific Fees per Semester

Health Advocacy Program Fieldwork Fee $350
Health Advocacy Low Residency Technology Fee $250
Human Genetics Program Fieldwork Fee $350
Writing Colloquium Fee $350

Personal Expenses (estimated)







Personal Expenses for the Health Advocacy Program (estimated)

During each of two on-campus one-week intensive sessions:



Food $250
Personal $100