Graduate Financial Aid


Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid

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(914) 395-2570

All Sarah Lawrence graduate students are welcome and encouraged to apply for financial aid administered by the College. The College determines financial aid awards to incoming students on the basis of need, motivation for learning, and the potential for active participation in the campus community. Sarah Lawrence College bases graduate financial aid awards on the student’s (and student’s spouse’s) data; parent information is not considered.

In determining a student’s demonstrated need, Sarah Lawrence subscribes to the practice and procedures of federal and institutional methodology as published by the US Department of Education and the College Scholarship Service (CSS). The formulas consider necessary family expenditures including taxes, living costs, outstanding medical expenses, and costs for family members’ college tuition.

A portion of a prospective student's earnings, savings, and assets are expected to go toward their educational expenses. For the College's calculations, a minimum contribution of $3,300 is expected of every student. In practice, students will need additional resources, which may come from savings, family, wages, outside scholarships, and/or loans. Eligibility for financial assistance (“need”) is determined by subtracting the student contribution from the cost of education. In addition to tuition, room, and board, the College considers books, supplies, travel, and personal expenses as costs related to attending.