Elise Risher

BA, Trinity College, MS, Hunter College, MA, PhD, Long Island University. Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Registered Dance/Movement Therapist, studied modern dance improvisation and Asian dance/drama with Judy Dworin and was an inaugural participant in the Trinity/La Mama program. She has 20 years clinical experience treating various populations including children, infants with mothers with chronic mental illness, eating disorders, and geriatrics. She has taught at Mercy College, Westchester Community College, Long Island University, and The New School. She is a Staff Psychologist at Aging Matters Psychological Services in White Plains, New York. Her research interests include time perception in children with ADHD and the integration of Eastern philosophy in Western mental health practices. 2012-

Courses taught in Dance/Movement Therapy Program

Courses from previous years

  • Graduate Thesis I
  • Graduate Thesis II
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Psychopathology
  • Research Methods