Claire Davis

Interim Program Director, Human Genetics

BA/BS, University of Washington. MS, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. EdD, Columbia University. In addition to her duties as associate program director in human genetics, she is the director for several courses, a thesis advisor, and a member of the Sarah Lawrence College Institutional Review Board. Prior to coming to SLC, Claire was associate program director for the genetic counseling training program at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. She worked as a cancer counselor at Mount Sinai for eight years. Claire is currently working toward her doctorate in adult education from Teachers College, Columbia University. SLC, 2015–

Graduate Courses

Human Genetics 2017-2018

Fundamentals of Genetic Counseling I

Graduate Seminar—Fall

Fundamentals of Genetic Counseling aims to introduce students to the fundamental skills necessary for genetic counseling. The course is structured around key components of a genetic counseling encounter. Readings provide foundational knowledge of relevant concepts, and class discussions encourage the comparison of different perspectives and applications. Course instructors demonstrate each skill; students then engage in skill development through role play, peer feedback, and self-assessment.


Fundamentals of Genetic Counseling II

Graduate Seminar—Spring

Building on the skillset of Fundamentals of Genetic Counseling I, Fundamentals of Genetic Counseling II aims to develop skills relevant to psychosocial assessment and interventions. Focus is first placed on exploring patient characteristics and concerns and then on utilizing appropriate counseling skills to respond in a patient-centered way. Course activities include discussion, small-group activities, demonstration, and role play with peer feedback.