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Dance/Movement Therapy students benefit from access to the College's other closely aligned graduate programs, including our renowned Dance program, directed by John Jasperse, and our Child Development, Art of Teaching, and Health Advocacy programs. In addition, students have access to research and fieldwork opportunities at the Early Childhood Center, an on campus laboratory for pre-school children ages 2-6.

Sarah Lawrence College Graduate Program in Dance

The Master of Fine Arts in Dance program is based on the premise that the art of dance is an integration of body, mind, and spirit learned through creative, technical, and analytical practices. The program's goal is to present students with an inclusive curriculum that exposes them to vital aspects of the art as performers, creators, and scholars. Frequent guest artists and lecturers are invited to the campus, some in conjunction with the Theatre, Music, and Visual Arts programs.

Sarah Lawrence College Graduate Program in Child Development

The Master of Arts in Child Development program explores the life of the child as the interaction of intellectual, emotional, social, and imaginative streams. It combines in-depth study of primary theoretical perspectives with practical fieldwork. It encourages students to study children in a wide range of social contexts and environments—among members of their family, peer group, and culture; and within their homes, schools, and neighborhoods.

The Early Childhood Center

The Early Childhood Center was among the first laboratory schools in the United States. It provides an environment for students and faculty from Sarah Lawrence and other institutions to conduct on-site research in the fields of normal personality and child development. It also provides a richly textured educational environment for children ages 2 through 6 who come from diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The Child Development Institute

The Child Development Institute (CDI), founded in 1987, provides a forum for students, faculty, and parents to examine child development issues. Its recent public television films, When a Child Pretends, From Pictures to Words, When Values Go to School, and When Learning Comes Naturally have received national attention. It publishes occasional papers on topics of child development and education, and offers activities, distinguished lectures and conferences, and outreach programs. It also offers the nationally recognized Empowering Teachers Program, a forum for continuing education and support for teachers, administrators, and other professionals working with children in early childhood and public elementary education settings.

The following facilities are available to Dance/Movement Therapy graduate students as they pursue their course of study:

The Charles R. DeCarlo Performing Arts Center

The Charles R. DeCarlo Performing Arts Center, with its complex spaces ranging from the 117-seat Workshop Theatre to the 400-seat Reisinger Concert Hall, was awarded a Citation for Excellence from the Council for the Arts in Westchester for its imaginative, practical design.

The Bessie Schönberg Dance Studio

Housed in the Performing Arts Center, the Bessie Schönberg Dance Studio is a fully equipped dance theatre with a computerized lighting system, movable risers, and a seating capacity of more than 100. In addition to the main dance studio, the Performing Arts Center has rehearsal rooms and a sound and music workspace.

MacCracken & Titsworth

MacCracken contains two large dance studios, including the recently renovated Caldwell Dance Studio. A small studio, primarily for graduate students, is located in Titsworth.

Reisinger Concert Hall

Originally designed by Marcel Breuer, the 400-seat Reisinger Concert Hall serves as the site for student, faculty, and guest concerts and as the forum for many College convocations and lectures.

Campbell Sports Center

In addition to a fitness center, elevated jogging track, and swimming pool, the 48,000 square foot Campbell Sports Center also includes a dance studio.