Dance Program: Remote Learning 2020-21

"The recent period of remote instruction has been a time for the Dance Program to invoke our creativity in improvising through the unknown that lies ahead. As we all do that together as a community, I wanted to share some of the works that have been generated by students over recent weeks. In particular I wanted to celebrate the tremendous work of the MFA Thesis candidates, who were required to transform research originally intended to culminate in live performances to become projects that could be delivered in an online environment.

I said to the students at the start of this journey that if we succeed at this task while caring for ourselves and each other, we will have come out of this experience learning something that is invaluable and will serve us for the rest of our lives. I hope that our collective attempts to rise to this challenge will provide some inspiration for you in the current moment. Here’s to the students, graduate and undergraduate, who have risen to this challenge. Hoping that we will see each other in person in the near future." –John Jasperse ‘85, Director, Dance Program