Spring 2020 Dance Performances

The works below were developed in the Dance Making course this semester. They are adaptations of research originally intended to culminate in live performances in the Spring Dance Performances.

Eleanor M. Cherry MFA '21

who are you without?

Choreography and performance by Eleanor M. Cherry
Music by SLC Improv Ensemble, organized and edited by John Yannelli
Costume by Eleanor Cherry

Sophia Cutrubus '22

a dancing archive
Performed by Eleanor Louger-Heimer, Audrey Messinger
Music Score by John Yannelli

Kenia Rosete MFA '21

Here in There

Performed by Kenia Rosete & Zoe Winchell
Choreography by Kenia Rosete in collaboration with Zoe Winchell
Music by Glenna Adkins-Cello, Delphine Griffith-Harp, Gabriel Hatto-Synthesizer
Music Edited by John Yannelli
Costumes by Kenia Rosete in consultation with Amy Page

Chanel Smith MFA '21 (Theatre)

Technicolor Suffocation 

Choreography and performance by Chanel Smith
Music by William Catanzaro

Evan Ray Suzuki '20


Performed by Justine Fisset, Lulu Napier-Benincasa, Kaylan Roach, Grace Smith 
Original music created by evan ray suzuki 
Additional music by Miroirs No. IV, Alborada del gracioso, Maurice Ravel; China Boy, Arnold Johnson & His Orchestra
Costumes by evan ray suzuki and Dancers 

Jace Weyant '22

The Swayful Inn Event Center (2020)

Performed by Jace Weyant and Maria Fleischman
Direction, Choreography, Arrangement, Projection and Editing by Jace Weyant
Cinematography by Seth Bowman
Key Gripping by Bryn Cowan
Music sourced from The Caretaker, Oophoi, Berliner Philharmoniker, Kismet (1995), Mariya Takeuchi, Dusty Springfield