Time-Based Art: Fall 2020

The works below were developed in the Time-Based Art course throughout the fall 2020 semester. They are original works created by the students while studying both on campus and remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Na An

Creator/Editor/Music: Na An

"We are stuck in such a small world and space. Everyone may become the implementer of power and the object that is controlled by power. All of us seem to live on a modern prison island. Where can we draw the line between security and freedom, especially when modern surveillance technology is increasingly used in urban public spaces to control or modify behavior? Who determines what our rights are? Can we make the rules together? Should we even bother to hope that we can change the world? Who or what should we develop resistance against if we want to see real change?”

Kiernan Robinson

Fragments for Electronic Piano and Electronics

I. Fall Overcast {Ymir}, moving inland
II. afterwords, (A Night Sky) Isolated
III. Seraph, with holy wings spread high
IV. 7//34--In Dedication|Henosis 

Huge thanks to both everybody in the class for helping me shape and figure out what this piece was, as well as John Yannelli for helping me with more specific composition questions as well as mixing.

Kate Fisher


A film by Safety Third Productions

Directed by Katherine Helen Fisher
Director of Photography/Creative Technologist:  Shimmy Boyle
Virtual Stage Movement Director:  Ryan David O’Byrne
Virtual Stage Steadicam /Cinematographer:  Nathan Kim
Desert Concept and Film Direction: Felicity Palma
Shot at Standard Vision Studios and the Salton Sea
Score comprised from excerpts of Deep Listening by Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster and Panaiotis
Developed at Sarah Lawrence College Fall 2020

Special thanks to John Jasperse, Angela Ferraiolo, Mark Escribano, and Sinziana Velicescu.

Jace Weyant


Producer: Jace Weyant
Performer: Jace Weyant
Key Grip: Sawyer Smith
Score: Heard on 116th Street and 3rd Avenue and recollected by Jace Weyant

Grace Smith

nothing worth the changing

Directed, edited, and performed by Grace Smith
Cinematography by Grace Gallagher
Original score by Nicholas Hemingson
Gaffing by Sophie Teachout and India Kotiss