2018 Thomas H. Wright Lecture

The Thomas H. Wright Lecture, inaugurated in 1995, honors Thomas H. Wright's dedication to Sarah Lawrence and his long service on the Board of Trustees. An endowment, established by the Leon Lowenstein Foundation, funds the lecture.

Most Recent Lecture

Small Actions for Big Justice
Albert Sykes

Albert SykesAlbert Sykes is the Executive Director of the Institute for Democratic Education in America (IDEA). This native son of Mississippi has been an IDEA organizer and fellow for three years. Albert has a powerful personal story, one that is rooted in the struggles and search for quality education through community organizing and youth advocacy. In Mississippi, Albert has also helped lead the growth and development of a new statewide cadre of math literacy workers and young political organizers. He works on both the local and national level around critical issues such as education reform, zero-tolerance policies, and the school-to-prison pipeline. He advocates for policies such as Quality Education as a Constitutional Right and works in conjunction with many organizations, including the NAACP, where he serves on the Statewide Education Committee. Sykes previously served as the Director of Policy and Advocacy for the Young People’s Project. He has helped to organize the National Youth Congress’ 50th Anniversary of Freedom Summer, the “Finding Our Folk Tour” in response to Hurricane Katrina, and the Take Back America Conference. Through his many experiences, this Mississippian has gained firsthand knowledge and understanding of Black Mississippi’s struggle for justice, equity, and full citizenship.

Previous Thomas H. Wright Lectures

  • 2017
    When All Else Fails, We Must Protect Childhood
    Denisha Jones, PhD
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  • 2016
    Preserving Childhood at School: The Importance of Being Little
    Erika Christakis, MPH, MEd
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  • 2015
    Recognizing, Understanding, and Transforming Inequalities into Opportunities in the Classroom
    Steven Hawkins, Executive Director of Amnesty International USA
    Joshua Bogin, Director of Springfield Magnet School Program, Springfield Public Schools
    Jan Drucker, PhD, moderator
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  • 2014
    Asking Questions and Trusting What You're Told
    Paul Harris, PhD
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  • 2013
    The Environment of Childhood Poverty
    Gary Evans, PhD

  • 2012
    Teaching and Learning in a Diverse and Inequitable World
    Patricia Ramsey, EdD
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  • 2011
    Voices of Children Voices of Teachers: Reclaiming the Classroom
    Mary Hebron, MA

  • 2010
    When Parents, Educators, and Clinicians Collaborate: Classrooms for All Learners
    A Panel Discussion with Stephanie Petrillo Gould, MEd, CSP; Maggie Hoffman; and Cassandra Hyacinthe, MEd
    Jan Drucker, PhD, moderator

  • 2009
    Consuming Kids: Reclaiming Childhood from Media and Corporate Marketers
    Susan Linn, EdD, Co-Founder and Director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, and Associate Director of the Media Center of Judge Baker Children's Center
    Watch lecture video on YouTube

  • 2008
    Where da Heat Go: Social Justice, Agency & Science
    Angela Calabrese Barton, PhD, Associate Professor of Teacher Education, Michigan State University

  • 2007
    Children and Nature Design Principles
    David L. Sobel, MEd, Director, Teacher Certification Programs; Co-director, Community Based School Environmental Education Program, Antioch New England Graduate School

  • 2006
    Open Pandora’s Box: Curiosity in the Classroom
    Susan Engel, PhD, Director of the Program in Teaching at Williams College

  • 2005
    Building a Community/Building a School
    Nancy Mann, MA, Principal, Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School

  • 2004
    Reflections on Teaching: Relationships, Possibilities, and Power
    Jane Andrias, MA, Leader in New York City's progressive education movement

  • 2003
    Nurturing the Remarkable Powers of Children
    William Crain, PhD, Professor of Psychology at The City College of New York

  • 2002
    Processes of Change in Schools
    Tom Roderick, MEd, Executive Director of Educators for Social Responsibility, New York City Metropolitan Area

  • 2001
    Pathways to Literacy: Non-Standardized Approaches to the Enhancement and Assessment of Literacy Across the Curriculum
    Frank Smith, PhD, Writer and Researcher, British Columbia, Canada

  • 2000
    Rethinking Standards and Assessment
    Harriet K. Cuffaro, EdD, Professor Emerita of Education, Bank Street College of Education and Staff Developer at the City and Country School, New York City

  • 1999
    Play and Learning
    Celia S. Genishi, PhD, Professor of Education, Teachers College, Columbia University

  • 1998
    A New Look at Families, Schools and Child Development
    James P. Comer, MD, Maurice Falk Professor of Child Psychiatry, Yale University Child Study Center

  • 1997
    Rethinking Teaching: What Schools Can and Should Be
    Linda Darling-Hammond, EdD, Stanford University

  • 1996
    Conflict as a Fact of Life: Families, Schools, Communities
    Regina Arnold, PhD, Professor of Sociology and Associate Dean of Studies, Sarah Lawrence Colleg e

  • 1995
    Family/School Partnerships: Working Together for Children
    Patricia Carini, Founder of Prospect School and the Prospect Archives and Center for Education and Research, North Bennington, Vermont