Certification & Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the master’s program, students are recommended for the MS Ed degree and are entered into the New York State Education Department TEACH database as eligible for initial certification in Early Childhood and Childhood Education.

This follows completion of these New York State (NYS) certification requirements:

  • NYS Teacher Certification requires passing scores on all New York State-mandated tests, and completion of the New York State mandated workshops in Child Abuse and Maltreatment Identification, School Violence Prevention and Intervention, and Dignity for All Students.
  • New York State Teacher Examinations include: the Educating All Students Test (EAS) and the Multi-Subject Content Specialty Tests in Early Childhood and Childhood Education. In addition, NYS requires successful completion of the edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment), with the submission of video clips, lesson plans, and student work from the prospective teacher’s field experience.
  • New York State and Title II of the 1999 National Higher Education Act require schools offering teacher education programs to publish their institutional pass rates on State Teacher Exams.

Alumni of the Art of Teaching program are employed as teachers in public or private early childhood and elementary schools; as school administrators or curriculum developers; as teacher educators; and some go on to PhD programs.

  • Classroom teachers work in urban and suburban private and public schools, in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade.
  • Teachers and directors of early childhood programs work in childcare centers, Head Start programs, and community service centers.
  • Special-area teachers enrich the experiences of elementary school children in the arts and other areas.
  • School administrators and staff developers lead and support elementary school teachers.
  • College teachers at community and liberal arts colleges educate students to become classroom teachers.