John Rudikoff ’02

John Rudikoff '02John Rudikoff ’02 studied literature while at Sarah Lawrence, then went on to earn his JD from Brooklyn Law School. After working as an assistant district attorney in Kings County and general counsel and director of business development for MASS Design Group, he recently returned to Brooklyn Law School as the CEO and managing director of the Center for Urban Business and Entrepreneurship.

What brought you to Sarah Lawrence?
I was introduced to Sarah Lawrence while my mother was completing her master’s degree in Women's History in the mid-1990s, and I was set loose to roam the campus during her class. By the time I graduated high school it had become a foregone conclusion that it was the ideal forum to continue to explore my interests and ideas.

What was your favorite spot on campus?
I was always partial to the mailroom. To this day I love getting packages.

What was your favorite class?
There are honestly too many to choose from, but if I had to mention one it would be Gil Perez's year-long film survey course. After reconnecting with Gil in London in late 2014, I was reminded of how much I owed not just my passion for storytelling, but for critical thought to this insightful and dear man.

How did your time at Sarah Lawrence influence your law career?
The ability to think creatively about narrative and argument have been essential to my success as an attorney and professional. Not to mention that my years spent as a Brooklyn prosecutor were certainly enhanced by my appreciation for theatrics.

What are you most looking forward to at Reunion 2017?
Friends, friends, and faculty. It’s also always a pleasure to return to the site where so much occurred.