Alumni Association

Our Mission

The purpose of the Sarah Lawrence College Alumni Association is to further the intellectual and fiscal vitality of the College, promote its educational philosophy, and encourage continuing interaction and collegiality among alumni, the College, and its past and present faculty and students.

Current Board of Directors

The following slate was elected to the Sarah Lawrence College Alumni Association Board of Directors during the Association's annual meeting on June 6, 2020.

Claire Rodman '86—President (2018-2021)

New York, NY

Claire Rodman '86

Claire Rodman ’86 graduated from Northfield Mount Hermon School, where she later served as alumni association president and trustee. At Sarah Lawrence, she concentrated in theatre and history. As an alumna, she has served as a class reunion volunteer, vice chair of The Fund for Sarah Lawrence,  and a member of the alumni association board. Claire has done training, program, and development work since 1978 with various organizations of the Episcopal Church. Claire has led classes and conferences on creativity, singing, Shakespeare, and business skills for people of all ages and backgrounds. A working musician, she has also worked in the worlds of law, not-for-profit, and investment banking. Claire has been at Société Générale for over 20 years, where she was a founding member and committee chair of the Americas Women's Network in 2006 and founding co-chair of the Black Leadership Network in 2016. Claire's current role is Vice President and Global Function Owner for Collateral Contract Management Onboarding.​

Michael W. Sapienza '03—Vice President (2018-2021)

Mount Vernon, NY

Michael Sapienza '03Michael Sapienza ’03 has been working on television commercial sets since his junior year when he interned for U.A.T.W. a small creative commercial production company in Pelham, NY that was charged with creating and filming regional TV spots for local businesses. His internship experience took him directly into advertising and commercial production after graduating from Sarah Lawrence. Michael moved to New York City where he worked for over 10 years as a freelance First Assistant Director and Production Manager. In 2013, he took on the number two position with Vision, Grey World Wide Advertising’s in house production company. At Vision, he runs the day-to-day operations as well as directing and producing countless commercials. Michael is an integral part of both the creative and production departments at both Vision and Grey.

Myles Lewis Alexander '10—Member at Large (2018-2021)

Chicago, IL

Myles Lewis Alexander '10

Myles Lewis Alexander graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 2010 with a concentration in Economics, specifically the financial markets. He was hired as an Associate by Zeus Capital Advisors in their de novo banking group, specializing in Islamic financial products.  After ZCA was sold to Northern Trust, he went to work at an options house, TradeMonster, with a focus on tech and finical contracts. After a stint there Myles left the finance community for five years to pursue a dream and race triathlons at a professional level.  When he retired from professional triathlon he put his degree and knowledge of finical products back to work, now for The Walsh Group, where he co-leads Lease Back financial design. In addition to his work at the firm, he is an active member of the arts community in Chicago and sits on the junior boards of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and The Art Institute of Chicago.  In his spare time he loves cycling and running, cooking with his girlfriend, giving Freddy (a Shih Tzu) belly rubs, and sitting in his chair listening to jazz with a nice single malt scotch and cigar in hand. 

Sarina Beges Simon ’70—Member at Large, (2020-2023)

Los Angeles, CA


Sarina Beges Simon ’70 is co-founder of SparxWorks, a leading production resource and augmented reality platform for advertisers and publishers. Previously to starting SparxWorks, Sarina was CEO of NorthSouth Studios, a full-service digital studio specializing in innovative mobile and web solutions. Prior to starting NorthSouth Studios, Sarina was CEO of the Knowledge Kids Network, an early internet startup funded by Knowledge Universe, a multinational holding company in the field of education, technology and training. Sarina’s work is informed by her years of leadership experience delivering groundbreaking products and services to a variety of companies including Philips Electronics, Leapfrog Toys, Fisher Price, Universal Studios, American Greetings, MGAe, Cookie Jar Entertainment, the Walt Disney Company and more. As the founder of three start-ups, her products have won prestigious awards and she has had the privilege of mentoring some incredibly talented individuals.

Sally Booth '81—Member at Large (2020-2023)

Mystic, CT

Sally S. Booth ’81Sally Booth ’81 studied Anthropology at Sarah Lawrence and has been working on global perspectives in education ever since. After earning a Ph.D. in Anthropology at The Graduate Center, City University of New York, she worked in teaching and curriculum development at various institutions, including Friends World Program (Long Island University), Ross School, THINK Global School, and Keystone Academy.  Educational consulting has provided opportunities to work with students and teachers around the world (USA, Europe, and Asia), in different kinds of schools (independent, public, charter, college and K-12).  Recently, her focus is on developing new schools.  Her SLC experience has inspired her thinking in ways that are unique and powerful when shaping educational experiences for teachers and students.  Sally authored, Dirty Work: Immigrants in Domestic Service, Agriculture, and Prostitution in Sicily (with co-author, Jeffrey Cole), numerous articles, and presents occasionally at conferences.  She’s received teaching awards and research grants, and wants to encourage others in the gratifying and important work of education.  She lives in Mystic, CT and works in Beijing.

Andrea Fono '86—Member at Large (2018-2021)

San Francisco, CA

Andrea Fono '86Andrea Fono's passion for life is expressed through laughter and paintings which are collected around the world. Her art is an exploration of what "love looks like." In 2008, she founded Global Coloring; Painting for Peace in which more than 1200 people in Europe, Africa and Ecuador have participated as a community art celebration. Fono and her husband Frank, a native Fijian, have co-founded the Fiji Reads Project, contributing art supplies and thousands of children's books to schools in Fiji. Her joy is mentoring artist's hearts. A television segment she wrote on "inspiration" was nominated for an Emmy Award.

Joshua Gannon '03—Member at Large (2020-2023)

Medford, MA

Joshua Gannon '03

Joshua Gannon '03 moved back to his native state of Massachusetts after graduation, following stints in New York and Dublin. Working in academic journals for over a decade, his roles have spanned the entire publishing process, from editorial to production, typesetting, and design. Currently, he is a Journals Editor at De Gruyter, a German publisher with offices in Boston. He works mostly in the hard sciences. This surprises him, too. 

Eva Golinger '94—Member at Large (2019-2022)

Bronxville, NY

Eva Golinger '94Eva Golinger ’94 is an attorney and writer, author of several books including The Chavez Code, a best seller in Latin America. Eva practices law in New York and hosts a world news and analysis show on an international satellite and cable network in Spanish. She is also a high-level Consultant on strategic matters relating to law, media, and foreign affairs. She has won the "International Journalism Award" in Mexico, one of the most prestigious awards in journalism in Latin America, and she has received numerous other awards and honors for her writings and investigations. A graduate of Sarah Lawrence and CUNY Law School, Eva is admitted to the Bar of the State of New York, the Bar of the United States Supreme Court, and the Bars of the United States District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. In her spare time, Eva writes children’s stories based on the adventures of her toddler son.

Leigh Heyman '98—Member at Large (2020-2023)

Brookline, MA

leighheymanLeigh Heyman ‘98 studied Philosophy at Sarah Lawrence, an experience that set him up well for a career at the intersection of technology, and civic and political action. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer at Framework Homeownership, a fintech startup building technologies supporting inclusion and access for first-time and first-generation homebuyers. Previously Leigh was a White House Senior Policy Advisor and Technology Director in the Obama Administration, where he was responsible for the development and operations supporting President Obama's digital engagement. Since 2018, Leigh has also served as the Chair of The Fund for Sarah Lawrence. While at Sarah Lawrence, Leigh also joined the rowing team, and continued with the sport after graduation, eventually becoming a member of the U.S. National Team, competing at the World Championships and winning multiple national championships. In 2019 Leigh was inducted into the SLC Sports Hall Of Fame. In addition to his SLC degree, Leigh holds an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management. He currently lives in Brookline, MA with his wife, daughter, and cat.

Melanie Hood-Wilson '93, MSEd '94—Member at Large (2019-2022)

Baltimore, MD

Melanie Hood-Wilson '93, MSEd '94

After receiving her BA in '93 and MSEd in '94 from SLC, Melanie returned to her native Baltimore to teach middle school. In 2001, she was hired to lead the Single Step Program at the Community College of Baltimore County, developing new career certifications and courses for individuals with disabilities, developing training  partnerships with state and local government, and supervising and coaching teachers.  During her tenure, Single Step grew from eight students to over 300.  Melanie and her program were honored with  five local and statewide awards between 2012 and 2016. She left CCBC in February 2019 to start her own education consulting company.

Between 2004 and 2012, Melanie was a founder and board president of Patterson Park Public Charter School in Baltimore, chair of the Parent and Community Advisory Board for Baltimore’s school system, and member of Baltimore’s New and Charter School Advisory Board. As part of a small team, she attended the Public Education Leadership Project at the Harvard Business School drafting recommendations Common Core transition in Baltimore. She currently serves on the board of the Fund for Educational Excellence.

Ari Kepnes '12—Member at Large (2020-2023)

San Francisco, CA

Ari Kepnes '12

Ari Kepnes ‘12 studied the intersection of technology, media, and psychology while at Sarah Lawrence and has extended these interests into his career in digital media strategy and marketing. Ari recently moved from New York City to San Francisco to lead marketing at Density, a venture-backed startup. Density collects anonymous data that helps tailor work environments to the people who use them, which relates directly to his senior year conference project on the future of the workplace. Ari is appreciative of the conference system and his Sarah Lawrence professors.

Ari previously worked with Sarah Lawrence alums at Contently, where he built a department that shapes the editorial strategy of thousands of freelance journalists who work with global brands, and at Zeitguide to consult Fortune 500 executives on the impact of digital trends on business. Ari believes involvement in the Alumni Association Board is an opportunity to serve the extended alumni community, and welcomes any alumni to contact him with views they’d like represented.

Sarah Blanche Klein '20—Member at Large (2020-2023)

Locust, NJ


Sarah Blanche Klein  ‘20 focused her academic concentrations at SLC on economics, global inequalities, public policy, marketing, and philanthropy, while participating or leading any and every extra-curricular group possible: creating school-wide digital engagement programs during COVID was a brief, but powerfully culminating highlight, but she also spent her time as an Admissions Ambassador & Higher Education Administrative Fellow, Chaired the SLC Committee for Student Life, served as General Committee Senator & Representative, Senior Class Gift Ambassador, rallied the Class of 2020’s contributions towards The Fund for Sarah Lawrence, collaborated with the Food Security Working Group, Health & Wellness, Peer Mentorship programs, and more. Between this activism and her experience with the marketing department of Food Network, various hospitals, and religious organizations. She continues her volunteer work remotely with hopes of one-day leading the marketing team of her very own food-focused non-profit, or perhaps revolutionizing the underlying participatory development practice of the UN’s World Food Program to foster substantive empowerment. Alas, she must first find an entry-level job during COVID-19 (nbd).

Allison Lenk '83—Member at Large (2019-2022)

Belmont, MA

Allison Lenk '83Allison Lenk '83 studied child psychology, film, and literature while at Sarah Lawrence. As a junior, she enjoyed a guest year at Tulane University in New Orleans, and she has the Mardi Gras beads to prove it. Allison has been an educator for 30+ years, beginning as a Moderate Specials Needs Teacher, Title 1 Teacher, then moving in to her present role as a Literacy Specialist. She is passionate about all students getting what they need to reach their full potential. Outside of work, she is involved in several environmental organizations. She also enjoys spending time in nature, particularly the woods on Cape Cod, and traveling. 

Of her alma mater, Allison says “I become more appreciative of all that Sarah Lawrence gave me as the years pass. This has increased my involvement in the College in myriad ways including giving modestly, but regularly, to benefit present and future students, and attending and hosting alumni events.  I welcome the opportunity to contribute to Sarah Lawrence in a new way, through my involvement in the Alumni Association Board.”  

Shirin Narwani Meir ‘90—Member at Large (2020-2023)

London, England


Shirin Narwani Meir ‘90  previously worked at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, Petroleum Economist and the Centre for Global Energy Studies. She has a BA in Economics from Sarah Lawrence College and an Master of Philosophy in Modern Middle East Studies from the University of Oxford. She has published papers on oil markets; energy and the environment; petroleum in the FSU; OPEC; country studies on the petroleum sectors of Tunisia, Iran and Libya; and consumer-producer relations. She has also contributed to studies on Saudi oil policy and the UKCS. Her special interests include oil markets and the oil price formation process. Shirin is also a Senior Associate Member of St. Antony's College, Oxford. During her time at SLC, Shirin studied abroad at the Oxford Program.

Sarah Noble '97—Member at Large (2020-2023)

Philadelphia, PA

Sarah Noble ’97

After graduating from Sarah Lawrence, and then teaching high school for 6 years, Sarah went on to pursue a Doctor of Osteopathy from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. She currently works at Albert Einstein Medical Center as an Attending Psychiatrist. Her areas of interest are women's mental health, particularly postpartum depression, and LGBTQ mental health. She has worked within her hospital to educate staff and doctors, and to create systems of care for both of these populations.

Sarah Lawrence is a singular place and because of that it holds a distinct place in all of our hearts.  My goal is to engage as many as possible in our alumni network for the benefit of the school, but also to knit together our diverse and far-flung community.

Sharon T. Pollack MS '16—Member at Large (2019-2022)

New York, NY

Sharon T. Pollack MS '16

Sharon graduated from the Joan H. Marks Graduate Program in Human Genetics in 2016. She currently works as a genetic counselor at Breastlink of New York where she provides risk assessment, education, and support to individuals and families at risk for, or diagnosed with hereditary cancer predisposition syndromes. She volunteers her time at Genearations, the Center for Rare Jewish Genetic Disorders at Bonei Olam, a non-profit organization which provides resources and support to couples experiencing infertility. Sharon has also earned her master’s degree in Bioethics from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Her time at Sarah Lawrence allowed her to develop treasured and lasting relationships with supervisors, faculty and classmates for which she is very grateful. She looks forward to the opportunity to participate in fostering and strengthening connections in the alumni community as a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Frederic Richter '10—Member at Large (2019-2022)

New York, NY

Frederic Richter '10Frederic Richter ’10 studied history, film, and literature at Sarah Lawrence, and he was editor-in-chief of The Phoenix. He earned his MFA from The American Film Institute (AFI). His thesis film, MACHSOM, was screened at over twenty-five festivals, and it won numerous grants and awards. His screenplay APPEARANCES, won 1st place in the Slamdance Screenwriting competition. His script, BLIND, co-written with Joe Novoa, is slated to shoot in 2016, with Parallax (Sally Hibbin) producing. Frederic has worked as a Story Analyst for numerous companies, including QED International, Black Label Media and The Black List 3.0. He is a Creative Executive at Tradition Pictures. He has taught classes on screenwriting, film, and the entertainment industry at Sarah Lawrence College, NYU, and The Ghetto Film School. He is a Teaching Artist at The Ghetto Film School, an Instructor at NYU SPS, and The Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence.

Carol Roth '96—Member at Large (2018-2021)

Minneapolis, MN

Carol Roth '96Carol Roth ’96 graduated from Sarah Lawrence with a concentration in writing, also having studied literature, Civil War and antebellum cultural history, and film theory. She's now a copywriter at a marketing agency and writes website copy, emails, video scripts, brochures and more. Before moving to copywriting, she was a proofreader and copy editor for many years. In her free time she blogs about personal finance, participates in social justice activism—particularly around racial and income inequality and police brutality—plans renovations for her hundred-year-old house, reads literary fiction and true-adventure books, writes the occasional trashy novel for fun, cooks vegan food, and organizes local Sarah Lawrence alumni get-togethers. Carol lives in Minneapolis with her two partners, two daughters, and two rescue cats.

Adam Treitler '15—Member at Large (2019-2022)

New York, NY

Adam Treitler ‘14

Adam Treitler '14 is a data-driven people advocate with a personal and professional mission to empower workers in the entertainment industry with clarity, compassion, and collaborative technologies. Adam graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in Fall 2014 where he concentrated in Poetry and Film & TV Production. After freelancing in unscripted development at an eOne production company and working part-time at an eco-friendly startup company, Adam landed his first full-time position at Viacom in July 2015. Since then, he has grown from a recruiting assistant into a dynamic Talent Acquisition Operations and Process role. Currently, Adam implements new technologies, redesigns recruiting processes, and delivers insights to business leadership. He is an active member of the NYC HR Analytics community, a frequent partner with Sarah Lawrence’s Office of Career Services, and Co-Chair of Viacom’s Emerging Leadership group. He lives in Manhattan where he explores new foods and films on a weekly basis.

Emma Tynan ’20—Member at Large (2020-2023)

Los Angeles, CA


Emma Tynan ’20 studied filmmaking, art history, and literature at Sarah Lawrence. Emma just completed an internship as a researcher at Late Night with Seth Meyers. Throughout her time at Sarah Lawrence, she was an active member of General Committee, The Committee on Student Life, Philanthropy and Senior Gift Committee, Budget Committee and Curriculum Committee. While working toward her degree, she held nine different internships in the entertainment industry. Her recent internships have included time as a production and field intern at Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and as a film development intern at JuVee Productions, owned by Academy Award winner Viola Davis. She is working toward becoming a television producer with the goal of creating innovative and progressive content that pushes the boundaries of storytelling.

She is beyond grateful for the enchanting academic experience she had at the College where she developed treasured relationships with an extraordinary battalion of professors, staff and peers and studied in the most exciting, stimulating and intellectual environment. She loves dogs, glitter, friendship, networking, Ibsen (shoutout to her don, Joe Lauinger), Taylor Swift and the SLC faculty. Emma really loves Sarah Lawrence. Like really really.

Elisabeth von Uhl MFA '05—Member at Large (2020-2023)

Bronx, NY

Elisabeth von Uhl MFA ’ 05

Elisabeth von Uhl earned an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College in 2005. In 2016, she was a finalist for the “Bronx Recognizes its Own” (BRIO) Fellowship. She has earned scholarships to the Prague Summer Writer’s Conference and the Postgraduate Writer’s Conference.  Her work has been published in The Cortland Review, Cream City ReviewThe Broome Review, and other journals.  Her poetry has also been anthologized in Two-Countries: U.S. Daughters and Sons of Immigrant Parents (Red Hen Press, 2017).  Her chapbook, Ocean Sea, which was a semi-finalist in the Black Lawrence Press Chapbook Contest, has been published by Finishing Line Press.  She has taught at Montclair State University, Fordham University, City College of New York, and Bronx Community College.

Corey Walker '06—Member at Large (2019-2022)

Washington, DC

Corey Walker '06Corey Walker ‘06 was raised near Atlanta, GA and concentrated in French and Africana Studies at Sarah Lawrence. In 2013, he earned a Juris Doctor from Northwestern University School of Law. Corey has developed national and international public policy experience with a leading public policy firm in Washington, D.C. and with the High Commissioner on National Minorities, an office within the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in the Hague. In 2011, Corey was selected as a Google Policy Fellow and worked with a media and technology think tank.  In addition to his training in the law, Corey specializes in media relations and communications, nonprofit strategic management consulting, nonprofit incorporation and development; corporate responsibility; and diversity and inclusion initiatives. Recently, Corey was thrilled to return to Sarah to work as a Senior Assistant Director of Admission. Most recently, he was selected as a Pat Cox Fellow and supported a member of the European Parliament while in Brussels, Belgium.

Khaliah Williams '02—Member at Large (2020-2023)

Brooklyn, NY

Khaliah Williams ’02Khaliah Williams '02 began her career in college admissions and counseling as a Sarah Lawrence tour guide and senior interviewer in the Office of Admission. After graduation she joined the office as an Admission Counselor and later as the Director of Multicultural Recruitment. She received her MFA in Fiction Writing from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and has published her short stories and nonfiction at the Hawaii Women’s Journal, Frontier Psychiatrist, Buzzfeed Book Country, Day One, American Short Fiction and Day One Year One Best New Stories & Poems 2014. She is also a fellow at the Kimbilio Center for African American Fiction. While at Sarah Lawrence Khaliah studied Italian, Literature, and Film History and credits Judy Serafini-Sauli, Bill Park, and Cristina Anzilotti for shaping her SLC experience. She is currently a college counselor at the Berkeley Carroll School and a Fiction Writing instructor at the Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop.

Honorary Board Members

The following alumni are honorary members of the Sarah Lawrence College Alumni Association Board of Directors:

  • Stephanie Cooper '65, MFA '76
  • Barbara Kolsun '71
  • Nancie Schnur '74
  • Estha Weiner '72
  • Harriet Wohlgemuth '59, MFA '79