Arij Al Khedery

Parent of Nour El Rayes '13 and Sammy El Rayes '16

How did you and your children learn about SLC?
We learned about Sarah Lawrence from a student who attended the school in Beirut  (American Community School). The student was attending SLC and came for a talk with the seniors and the Dean of Students.

What drew Nour and Sammy to SLC?
We visited the school and Nour did her research and fell in love with it. Sammy grew to love the school because he saw the opportunities that he can have at SLC.

What are their areas of concentration?
Nour is focusing her studies on medicine, music, and history. Sammy is a first-year student this fall.

Did you have any concerns about your children attending college in the United States?
Yes, that it is too far from home.

What helped you overcome this concern?
The friendliness that everyone at SLC extended to my children and myself.

How difficult or easy were your children's transitions into SLC as a first-year student?
Nour’s was very easy; Sammy we have to see.

What was the transition like for you?
Knowing that there is someone to talk to if anything happens made me feel much better.

What kinds of changes have you noticed in Nour since she has been a student at SLC?
Nour is more independent, more verbal.

Would you recommend SLC to others? If so, why?
Sure, if their kids are into a liberal arts education I would recommend SLC, because it gave my children the chance to grow both academically and socially.

How would you describe your experience as a parent of an SLC student?
I wish I was young again so I could attend school there.