Student Spaces

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion oversees and supports three student-run identity spaces as well as the campus food pantry. These spaces aim to foster community and belonging within their respective populations through events, dialogues, and community gatherings.

Common Ground

Common Ground’s mission is to serve students of color and student-of-color identity groups, as well as to engage the Sarah Lawrence community in discussions about the perceptions, realities, and consequences of racial and ethnic identity in our society and in the world at large. The space serves as a meeting room, event space, lounge area, and resource center for students of color and members of student-of-color identity groups.While Common Ground primarily works with student-of-color identity groups, it also collaborates with  student organizations, faculty, and administrative officers committed to campus dialogue surrounding issues of racial justice and inclusion. Common Ground programming includes speakers, performances, discussions, movie nights, conferences, workshops, and other activities.

Spiritual Space

The Spiritual Space works to nourish spirituality in all of us by providing an intimate atmosphere, a sense of the holy, and a refuge for contemplation, both individually and collectively. This carefully designed space is minimally furnished, enabling visitors to engage freely in personal introspection, meditation, and prayer. It can also be reserved as a meeting place for religious groups or spiritually based events. Housing a religious/spiritual library and items used in religious practice, this inclusive space allows many accesses to spirituality, while also serving as a canvas for all practices and traditions.


The LGBTQIA Space seeks to create a physical space for LGBTQIA students and LGBTQIA student identity groups to engage in dialogues regarding the realities and perceptions of their identities. Its purpose is to uplift LGBTQIA student voices and to foster greater understanding of LGBTQIA identities in the Sarah Lawrence community and abroad. The space hosts group meetings, speakers, workshops, study sessions, and other campus events. It also functions as a meeting room, lounge area, and resource center for LGBTQIA students and their allies.

Food Sharing Space

The Food Sharing Space is an on-campus food pantry containing non-perishable food items as well as some toiletries. The Food Sharing Space is open to all SLC students and is managed by two student workers. It is open 4-6 hours each week and is located in Garrison B-1. For more information, contact