Exhibition: Problems in Photography

Faculty: Lucas Blalock

This class deals with the ways that contemporary artists working in photography discover and develop the problems central to their work. Looking at the work of a single artist—or even a single work by an artist—will provide an opportunity to unearth and understand the influences and histories on which that work depends. Read full course description.

Scheduled to exhibit their work at the end of March and now continuing class remotely, Blalock and his students worked with the Visual & Studio Arts staff to curate an exhibit for display online, making their photography available to an even larger audience.

Student exhibitors: Owen Carry, Alex Chavez, Colette Chein, Bronte Clingham-David, Nick Dyson, Filippo Marino, Lucia Marra, Nat Marvan, Ashton O'Brien, Tristan Potter, Nianxi Xie, and Ruilong Zhang.