Community Partnerships & Service Learning Opportunities




Students can embrace Sarah Lawrence College’s rich history of social responsibility through participation in service learning classes and student-led community engagement initiatives, supported by the Anita L. Stafford Community Partnerships and Service Learning Program.

By linking class work with community work, students broaden their academic inquiry, develop a deeper understanding of themselves and others, establish relationships with local leaders, and cultivate important life skills.

College vehicles and stipends for public transportation are available to assist with transportation to and from community-based placements.

Core Programs

Service Learning Courses

Service learning develops knowledge through traditional classroom education combined with meaningful work in various nonprofit and community-based settings. The program works closely with faculty to develop community relationships and placements relevant to academic courses.

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Intensive Semester in Yonkers

The Intensive Semester in Yonkers is an interdisciplinary three-course program that examines the social, historical, economic, and environmental issues that face contemporary urban America. Through academic study and community work placements, students learn about opportunities to meet the challenges of a post-industrial city.

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Conference Projects

Conference work is an in-depth, individual project developed in collaboration with faculty. Each conference project is an opportunity to demonstrate mastery by creating original work that builds upon course work in ways that are unique to each student. By linking coursework with off-campus experiences and melding theory and practice, students engage in a well-rounded learning experience while being supported by faculty, staff, and community partners.

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Community Leadership Intern Program

The Community Leadership Intern Program offers a generous living stipend to students who spend 30 hours per week for 10 weeks during the summer working with a community organization in Yonkers. Leadership development sessions are held weekly throughout the program. While contributing to the work of their partner agencies, students also have the opportunity to see the inner workings of a community-based organization.

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Student-Led Initiatives

Students create and manage initiatives that support partnering with community-based agencies in meaningful and impactful ways.

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Right-to-Write Program

Right-to-Write brings the art and love of writing into a nontraditional setting: correctional facilities. Through Right-to-Write, students facilitate creative writing workshops, providing writing prompts and exercises to support artistic expression amongst individuals who are incarcerated at the Westchester County Correctional Facility.

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Alternative Spring Breaks

On alternative spring breaks, students travel outside the metropolitan area to perform community work and live communally for a week. Prior to the trip, the group coordinates logistics, organizes fundraisers, and participates in group projects.

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Pre-Orientation Civic Engagement Program

Incoming first-year students can apply to arrive on campus four days before the start of orientation to live and work together in the Yonkers community. Guests, from community members to college faculty, dine with the students and discuss what life will be like in their new home.

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Individual Opportunities & One-Day Service Options

For students who are unable to make a longer-term commitment to community-based work, one-day service options, such as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, are available. Additionally, The Community Partnerships and Service Learning Program maintains a database of nonprofit and community-based organizations and can connect students with short-term service opportunities.

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