Information for Families of New Students



Opening Day

Opening day for new students is Saturday, August 31, 2019. Students will be given a designated time and location to pick up their keys and student ID. There will be sessions scheduled that Saturday afternoon through Monday morning that all new students will be required to attend.

View the family schedule for opening day

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we have time to go shopping with our student on opening day?

There will be a small amount of time for either unpacking or shopping on opening day.

Can we spend time with our student during the weekend or week after move-in?

The program for families on Saturday, August 31 ends at approximately 5 p.m. Students will continue to have information sessions that evening through Monday morning. As such, students will not be able to spend time with their families during this time. Over the course of the week, student schedules remain full with interviewing and registering for classes, social events, and various other meetings. Additionally, this time is critical for new students to start connecting with one another, their dons, and faculty members.

Can items be shipped to the College before September 1?

Items can be shipped to the College but must arrive after August 14. For any items being shipped to campus, use the address:

Student’s Name
Sarah Lawrence College
1 Mead Way
Bronxville NY, 10708

The student will receive an automatic e-mail from the post office saying that they have a package for pick up and if it’s not picked up within two weeks it will be sent back. Note that we will not be sending anything back that is marked "Hold for arrival" or arrives after August 14th and if picked up within the first two weeks after opening!

Can we move our student’s belongings into their room earlier than September 1?

Due to summer schedule in which the College hosts camps and conferences, time is needed to prepare the residence halls for the fall semester. Therefore, students' belongings cannot be moved in earlier than the designated date.

My student is an athlete and they were told that they had to come earlier for practices, do they?

First year students who are athletes and who have been contacted directly by the athletic staff have permission to arrive on campus on the date specified by their coach. If your student is not able to arrive on that date, they should communicate with the athletic staff.

Who do I notify if my contact information has changed?

Please e-mail with any changes or updates to your contact information. If the student’s permanent address changes while they are enrolled, please have them submit their new address via MySLC.