Friends of Sarah Lawrence College Three-Day Mini-Course: Relating in the Digital Age

Marshall Field Room 1

Open to the public

/ Wednesday


This free mini-course is open to Friends of the College only; learn more about and join the Friends at

Virtually Yours: Relating and Reality in the Digital Age
Meghan M. Jablonski, Ph.D.
Guest Faculty in Psychology

During this three-day mini-seminar (January 15, 16, 17) we will explore the impact of social media and digital devices on our approach to identity, relationships, and reality. Topics will include generational differences and digital identity; friendships, love, loneliness, and loss; and navigating "rea" vs. "fake" in the digital age.

A complimentary lunch will be served at noon.

To register for this course, or for more information on the Friends of Sarah Lawrence College, please e-mail or call 914.813.9220.