Chris Hansen-Nelson MFA '06:
Member at Large, Alumni Association Board

Chris Hansen-NelsonHonored everyone who’ve work so hard from within and without, to make Sarah Lawrence what it is, on its way, in fits and spurts, to what it can be.

Like most of you, when I think of Sarah Lawrence, the word that jumps to the surface is community. We are a community of people with many passions, passions for opening doors, for finding and opening the next door. I am here to tell you that such exploration can continue after graduation, and one of the richest outposts of that on-going exploration can be the Sarah Lawrence Alumni association, which I am representing here today, and to which all of you will automatically become members at the conclusion of today’s ceremonies.

The community you joined upon entering Sarah Lawrence, that you shaped and served, and that shaped and served you, can continue to feed you after graduation. There’s a whole host of doors at the alumni association being pried open, thrown open and busted through there, and in the best Sarah Lawrence tradition, we’re inviting you to part.

Remember, whether we’re dancing in the streets, or marching in the streets, we are stronger and our lives are richer, as we each continue to open the next.

So, congrats on this very big day. Check out the Alumni Association, a whole new wing of the family waiting to meet you on the other side of the door.

Thank you.