Rona Carr '74:
President, Alumni Association

Rona CarrGood morning! I am Rona Carr, the President of the Sarah Lawrence College Alumnae/i Association, and I welcome you to our community.

Ours is a community that is always evolving, and, as a new alum, you are warmly invited to participate in its growth, share your ideas, energy and networks, and to help make wonderful things happen for yourself, our College, and others.

As you are launching into the wider world, I am also offering a thought, and some advice to consider.

  • A Thought: Only you are responsible for your happiness. Sometimes, there will be others who will be a compliment to your life. And, hopefully, you will also be a complement to someone else and their life, too.
  • Advice: Always pay attention to your ego needs, no matter what anyone else thinks. If you don’t, it can mean trouble ahead, because you will have failed to acknowledge what your self was telling you about some part of your personal happiness that needed your attention.
  • Advice: Make only NEW mistakes, and remember that failure is an opportunity to start over again, more intelligently.
  • Advice: How you do things will always be as important as what you do.
  • Advice: Understand, appreciate, and know when to apply the concepts of frugality, sacrifice and thriftiness in your life. In the long term, it will mean less unhappiness.
  • Advice: Each day give thanks for your life, and the seemingly endless, interesting, wonderful, and sometimes difficult choices you have been given.
  • Advice: Don’t forget to breathe. Very deeply.

Congratulations, good luck, and do be in touch!