John A. Hill: Chair of the Board of Trustees

John HillWelcome to the graduating class of 2010, to their parents, friends and relatives and to honored guests who have joined with us on this beautiful spring day to celebrate one of life’s greatest milestones.

I bring greetings from the Board of Trustees to each member of the undergraduate and graduate classes receiving the degrees being awarded today. We wish each of you a long and gratifying life that builds on your experience of learning at the most unique and one of the most intellectually robust colleges in the country today.

I also bring a special thanks from the Board of Trustees to our distinguished speaker. Your career is a spectacular example of the opportunities open to the graduates before us today, of the incredible variety of careers that only a Sarah Lawrence education prepares one for. You have been a lawyer, a nurse, a flight attendant, an FBI agent, a lady of the night, to name only a few, and one of the “50 Most Beautiful People in the World!” We thank you for your example and for your presence here today.

Thank you.