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Bernice Rosenzweig

From the Ground Up

Dr. Bernice Rosenzweig's students connect geology, earth science, environmental justice, physics, math, and more, to arrive at an understanding of climate change’s impact on where we live—and what we can do to protect our future.

Philip Ording

Inquiries: Philip Ording, Professor of Mathematics

“Teaching and learning math has to be a shared act of imagination.”

Bele Edeoga

Narratives: Bele Edeoga

“I was basically doing a five-year projected plan for the company. It was really interesting, because I was able to research the various regulations and laws for the makeup industry.”

Tinder Kiely

Narratives: Tinder Kiely

Uninterested in conventional journalistic starting blocks, Tinder Kiely began building his investigative reporting portfolio at Sarah Lawrence right away.

Justice: 2020–21 Event Series

Created by President Cristle Collins Judd, this annual series explores timely topics in great depth and through varied perspectives. Learn more about the 2020-21 Justice series and previous years’ themes.


  1. Student Perspectives on the Dance/Movement Therapy Program

  2. Women's Basketball: SLC vs John Jay College

  3. SLC Music Program presents: Chamber Ensemble Concert

  4. SLC Music Program presents: Music Thirds Voice Recital

Recent Gallery Exhibits

While the Barbara Walters Gallery and the Heimbold Visual Arts Center Gallery are both  currently closed to the public due to the pandemic, we're pleased to share select exhibits virtually with our off-campus visitors.

FYS Visual & Studio Arts: What We Have Thought About and What We are Thinking

November 24, 2020–March 14, 2021

A group exhibition by the students of Angela Ferraiolo's and John O'Connor's First Year Studies Project course.

Pictured: Growing Circles, 2020, Sydney Peritz, digital rendering

Andrew Ross: Buildings on a Mushroom-Shaped Island

November 12, 2020–February 14, 2021

Andrew Ross is a visual artist who centers his work around failing signifiers and decontextualized images. His practice questions the steadfastness of caricatures, symbols, and products of mass distribution on a runaway timescale of plastic and other non-biodegradable substrates.

Gary Burnley: Facing History

September 14 – October 18, 2020

Gary Burnley’s work in Facing History explores dialogues between standard, but often opposing, representations of beauty, desire, influence and identity.

J. L. Abraham: Working Paper

J.L. Abraham works by hand (printing and painting), works on paper (French sheets, Japanese rolls, machine made in America), and works through aggregation (of blocks, colors, methods, sheets). Though she often multiplies, she rarely duplicates.