Study Abroad in Italy

Florence, ItalySarah Lawrence College sponsors two academic programs in Italy: Sarah Lawrence in Florence and Sarah Lawrence in Catania (Sicily).

The Florence program is well suited to students at all levels of language proficiency who wish to spend a semester or an entire year immersed in the culture and history of this city.

Catania, SicilyThe Catania program provides a unique opportunity for students proficient in Italian to experience the culture of southern Italy firsthand during a semester of study in the spring.

In both programs, students live with Italian families and take courses taught by Italian faculty. In Catania, students will study alongside Italian students in the university.

On Italy

"Students are encouraged to live and study just like Italian students their age. Living in Florentine homes, interacting with Italian professors, taking advantage of all the facilities offered throughout the city teaches them about Florence, its art, its history and its people. In a unique and individualized setting, students will immerse themselves in Italian culture and a global European perspective."
–M. Cristina Anzilotti, Program Director