Elke Zuern

The Alice Stone Ilchman Chair in Comparative and International Studies

AB, Colgate University. MA, MPhil, PhD, Columbia University. Research interests include social movements in new democracies, popular responses to poverty and inequality, violence in democratization processes, collective memory, memorials and reconciliation. Regional specialization: sub-Saharan Africa and extensive fieldwork in South Africa and research in Namibia. Author of The Politics of Necessity: Community Organizing and Democracy in South Africa (University of Wisconsin Press, 2011). Recipient of a Mellon postdoctoral fellowship at Amherst College and a Lowenstein fellowship; articles in Democratization, Comparative Politics, Politique Africaine, African Affairs, South African Labour Bulletin, Transformation, and African Studies Review. SLC, 2002–

Undergraduate discipline: Politics

Courses taught in Politics

Courses from previous years

  • Responding to Ebola–An International Relations and State-Based Perspective
  • Democratization and Inequality
  • First-Year Studies: Africa in the International System
  • The Political Economy of Global and Local Inequality: The Welfare State, Developmental State, and Poverty

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Elke Zuern

Elke Zuern