Joel Sternfeld

BA, Dartmouth College. Photographer/artist with exhibitions at Museum of Modern Art, Art Institute of Chicago, and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Recipient of two Guggenheim fellowships and a Prix de Rome. Author of American Prospects, On This Site, Stranger Passing, and 10 other books. SLC, 1985–

Course Information

Current undergraduate courses

Advanced Photography


This is a rigorous studio course in which students will produce a body of work while studying the relevant artistic and photographic precedents. A working knowledge of photographic history and contemporary practice is a prerequisite, as is previous art or photographic work that indicates readiness for the advanced questions presented by this course.


First-Year Studies: The Photograph Now

For its first 100 years, photography was black-and-white—an abstraction of human sightedness. Newly born photography shook (and was shaken by) painting, as it pushed into the world as an engine of modern consciousness. When color photography came along, it didn’t hesitate to present new pleasures and new problems to thoughtful practitioners of, and adherents to, the medium. The recent arrival of digital photography has created an image culture that is changing by the day—and changing the world by the day. Through black-and-white, color, and digital darkroom work and a broad range of readings, students will grow familiar with photographic practices and theories as they respond to the pull of the student's individual aesthetic.


Previous courses

Color Photography


This course concentrates on the technique and aesthetics of color photography using both traditional (analog) and digital methods. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the very nature of a color photograph. Students will print in the color darkroom and in the digital darkroom. They will explore “color seeing.” Readings in the history of photography will be part of the course work.