Susan Scranton

Undergraduate Discipline


BA, Smith College. A New York City-based dancer, teacher, and producer, Scranton has worked with Cornfield Dance, Mark Dendy, the Metropolitan Opera Ballet, Paul Singh, Phantom Limb, Ramon Oller, Mark Morris Dance Group, and Christopher Williams since coming to the City in 2005. She joined the Lucinda Childs Dance Company as a soloist in 2009 and continues to perform and produce for the company. She is currently touring Netta Yerushalmy’s Movement and will appear in The Hours, a new production at the Metropolitan Opera choreographed by Annie B. Parson. Scranton has toured numerous operas, including the 2012 revival of Einstein on the Beach. She teaches master classes internationally and has been on faculty at the Taylor School, Gibney Dance Center, and Point Park University. In 2015, Scranton co-founded The Blanket, a dance production organization. SLC, 2023–

Undergraduate Courses 2023-2024




Ballet students at all levels will be guided toward creative and expressive freedom in their dancing, enhancing the qualities of ease, grace, musicality, and symmetry that define this form. We will explore alignment, with an emphasis on anatomical principles; we will cultivate awareness of how to enlist the appropriate neuromuscular effort for efficient movement; and we will coordinate all aspects of body, mind, and spirit, integrating them harmoniously.