Emily Qian

BS/BS, University of Connecticut. MS, University of California-Irvine. Emily began her career at a startup genetic testing laboratory and gained experience in laboratory processes. She then saw a wide range of patients in general genetics as a clinical genetic counselor. She has been actively involved in the field of genetics, serving as a supervisor for genetic counseling students and contributing to working groups in multiple genetics organizations. In addition to being a course director for Clinical Genomics at SLC, she is currently obtaining her MD at Yale School of Medicine. SLC, 2022-

Graduate Courses 2023-2024

MS Human Genetics

Clinical Genomics

Graduate Seminar—Spring

The Clinical Genomics course builds upon topics covered in Advanced Human Genetics. Early, current, and future uses of genomic technologies are covered, especially as they apply to clinical care. Students develop critical thinking skills related to testing strategies and genomic data interpretation, with a focus on whole exome sequencing variant interpretation. The course also explores the psychosocial, ethical, and legal factors associated with genomic testing. Students apply their learning to various case examples.