Karen Porter

BA, Yale College. MS, New York University. JD, Yale Law School. Associate professor of clinical law, executive director of the Center for Health, Science, and Public Policy, and head of the Health Law Clinic at Brooklyn Law School. She previously taught at Washington University Law School on law and medicine and on AIDS and the law. Author of numerous publications related to AIDS policy. Areas of expertise include AIDS policy, law and medicine, and public-health law. Prior to teaching, she held a postdoctoral fellowship at Montefiore Medical Center/The Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Epidemiology and Social Medicine, in New York City. Background also includes work as a senior policy analyst and staff counsel to the National Commission on AIDS. SLC, 2010–

Previous Courses

MA Health Advocacy

Health Law

Graduate Seminar—Fall

This course introduces students to a broad range of legal and policy issues surrounding the provision of health care. The course will focus on three areas: rights of patients in their relationships with health care professionals and institutions, licensing and regulatory issues, and conflicts between the rights of individuals and the interests of society.