Yekaterina Oziashvili

BA, Barnard College. PhD, Graduate Center, City University of New York. Research and teaching interests include ethnic conflict, ethnofederalism, political parties and electoral systems in multinational states, constitutional and electoral engineering, American constitutional law, and, more broadly, American political development. Recent awards include Fulbright/IIE Dissertation Fieldwork Fellowship and the Social Science Research Council’s International Dissertation Research Fellowship. Conducted field research in Russia. Taught courses in comparative and American politics at City University of New York’s Hunter College and Baruch College. SLC, 2012–

Undergraduate discipline: Politics

Courses taught in Politics

Courses from previous years

  • Ethnic Conflict
  • Politics of Eastern Europe, Russia, and Post-Soviet States
  • The Politics of Global Austerity
  • American Politics and the Constitution
  • Ethnic Conflict

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