Matthew Mastromatteo

Undergraduate Discipline


Undergraduate Courses 2023-2024


The Articulate Instrument: Suzuki Training for the Actor

Open, Component—Year

As performers and storytellers, it is our work to transmit information or data to our audiences. In this course, we will explore how the body, as our instrument, can be a powerful tool used to amplify our ability to communicate point of view and meaning in art marking. Supplementing the Suzuki Method of Actors Training, we will also draw upon trainings such as (but not limited to) Viewpoints, Michael Chekov Technique, and Miller Voice Method. Through these vocal and physical techniques, we will develop an increased sense of bodily awareness and practice how we can use this awareness to inform expressive choice making. We will learn how to honor and navigate our habitual psychological and physical mannerisms, as we approach character and/or generative work. We will do all this while we unpack a collection of common aesthetics to help us approach any work environment in a “front-footed” manner.