Dana Khromov

Undergraduate Discipline


BA, Ithaca College. MA, PhD, University of Pennsylvania. Special interests include contemporary Latin American literature and film, new materialism, animal studies, and postanthropocentric theories. Scholarly publications include articles in the Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies and Revista Iberoamericana (forthcoming); critical essays published in Asymptote Journal. SLC, 2022-

Undergraduate Courses 2022-2023


Advanced Beginning Spanish: Cultures in Context

Open, Seminar—Year

This class is for students who have had some experience with Spanish but are still laying the foundations of communication and comprehension. We will do a thorough review of basic grammatical, lexical, and syntactical concepts at a more accelerated pace than the regular Beginning Spanish class. Working with music, visual art, film, and newspaper articles from both Latin America and Spain, students will develop the ability to navigate real-life situations and will expand their vocabulary through group exercises with a communicative focus. Weekly conversation sessions are also a fundamental part of this course.


Intermediate Spanish: Cineclúb

Intermediate, Seminar—Year

Prerequisite: At least one year of Spanish at the college level or more in high school

We will thoroughly review essential concepts of Spanish grammar and broaden your vocabulary, improving your verbal and written communication as we hone your listening and reading skills. In addition to individual and group exercises grounded in real-life scenarios, we will discuss Latin American and Spanish films within their political and cultural contexts to develop a technical vocabulary for film analysis as well as an understanding of issues such as revolution, modernization, Indigeneity, gender, class, and globalization in the Hispanic context. In addition to class time, you will complete an individual conference project each semester and attend a conversation session with a language tutor each week.