Ann Heppermann

A Brooklyn-based, independent, radio/multimedia documentary producer, transmission sound artist, and educator, her stories air nationally and internationally on National Public Radio, the BBC, and on numerous shows, including: This American Life, Radio Lab, Marketplace, Morning Edition, Studio 360, and many others. A Peabody award-winning producer, she has also received Associated Press, Edward R. Murrow, and Third Coast International Audio Festival awards. A transmission artist with free103point9, her work has been exhibited at UnionDocs, Chicago Center for the Arts, and other venues. She has taught classes and workshops at Duke Center for Documentary Studies, Smith College, Columbia University, and the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism; for years, she was the director of radio at Brooklyn College. Co-creator of Mapping Main Street, a collaborative media project documenting the nation’s more than 10,000 Main Streets, which was created through AIR’s MQ2 initiative along with NPR, the CPB, and the Berkman Center at Harvard University. Her work has been funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Association of Independents, the Arizona Humanities Council, and the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard. Currently, she is a Rosalynn Carter for Mental Journalism Fellow and will be making a multimedia documentary about preteen anorexia in partnership with Ms. Magazine and NPR. SLC, 2010–

Undergraduate discipline: Writing

Courses taught in Writing

Courses from previous years

  • How Does This American Life Do What They Do? A Narrative Writing for Radio Course
  • Writing and Producing Radio Dramas
  • Writing, Radio, and Aurality
  • Writing and Producing Radio Dramas

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