Catherine Handy

PhD, New York University. Oncology clinical nurse specialist, St. Vincent’s Cancer Center, New York City. Nationally certified as an Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse; 30 years’ experience in nursing in such areas as bone marrow transplantation, home care, AIDS care and education. Special interests include pain management and ethical issues; frequent speaker on oncology and AIDS nursing issues. Recipient: New York State Liberty Award, 2002. SLC, 2000—

Previous Courses

MA Health Advocacy

Physiology and Disease


This course provides first-time physiology students with an introductory survey of the major areas of human physiology. The focus will be on the major systems of the human body. In addition to the normal physiology of the system, representative disease states will be studied to highlight what can go wrong. Special topics will include medical terminology and medical record abbreviations. Students will be introduced to diagnostic techniques such as laboratory testing and diagnostic imaging. The course includes student presentations, as well as a midterm examination. A basic human biology course is strongly recommended as a prerequisite to this course for students who have not studied human biology or anatomy and physiology at a college level or beyond.